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0012009ScribusGeneralpublic14-Jan-24 13:3314-Aug-06 16:06
Assigned Tocbradney 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0012009: Preferences > Paths > Documents needs Scribus restart to be applied
DescriptionPreferences > Paths > Documents needs Scribus restart to be applied in File > Open.
Steps To Reproduce0) Start Scribus
1) Go to: File > Preferences... > Paths
2) Change "Documents" path and click OK
3) Go to: File > Open...
The old path previously set will be used.

4) Restart Scribus
5) Go to: File > Open...
The new path will be used.
Additional InformationScribus 1.5.0.svn (19357)
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fschmid (administrator)
14-Jan-25 08:54

Can't reproduce here, Open Dialog always uses the path that was set in Preferences.
FirasH (developer)
14-Jan-26 00:41

I also can't reproduce this issue. After changing the Documents Path under Preferences, restart Scribus and File > Open will show the Path you've selected.
FirasH (developer)
14-Jul-21 07:02

JLuc can you re-test and verify if this is still reproducible? Thanks.
JLuc (updater)
14-Jul-21 13:26

I tested and here is my answer : It seems that it requires to restart scribus for this option to be taken into account.
So the bug is not that it doesnt work, it's that its not applied when user validates the change.
FirasH (developer)
14-Jul-21 17:31

Updated the report.
cbradney (administrator)
14-Jul-22 22:56

QString prefsDocDir(prefsManager->documentDir());
    if (!prefsDocDir.isEmpty())
        docDir = docContext->get("docsopen", prefsDocDir);
        docDir = docContext->get("docsopen", ".");

So.. the reason for this is that Scribus remembers, in the docsopen context of preferences, where you open previous files in the current working session. We'd either have to get rid of that session based memory, or reset it when Preferences are changed.

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