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0012440ScribusStylespublic2014-06-26 15:402014-07-07 17:55
Assigned Tojghali 
Platformintel 64bit (core 2 duo)OSubuntu gnomeOS Version13.10
Product Version1.4.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.4.5.svn 
Summary0012440: para styles using "Based On:" character inheritance trigger incorrect text display
Descriptiontext box displays red-outline square glyphs instead of chars, whenever I use a style composed with inherited character details via the "Based On:" drop-down selector under the "Character Style" tab.

This is using the same font that is set as default;
the font displays fine if the font is selected explicitly,
without any "Based On:" inheritance. (I'm using Liberation Serif)
Steps To Reproduce"edit" -> "styles"
select "Default paragraph style";
select "Character Style" tab
open the "Based On:" drop-down menu
select "Default Character Style"
click "Apply"; click "<<Done"

create a text box
Ctrl-T into story editor
enter text, set style to "Default Paragraph Style", Ctrl-U update.

Text is displayed as blank square-outline glyphs.

[Return to style editor, reset the "Based On:" field to blank,
"Apply", "<<Done"... text appears in text box as normal]
Additional InformationThere are also problems with defining character styles "Based On"
other character styles, but you can reproduce the above problem with
just the default character style

Another quirk of using "based on" is that the font family is unpredictably hard to assign using the "use parent font" entry at the bottom of the drop-down font-family selector, but the first bug, above, is independent of this.
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Attached Files? file icon StyleFontInheritance-styleUseParent.sla [^] (12,015 bytes) 2014-06-27 15:31
? file icon destyledInheritance.sla [^] (12,734 bytes) 2014-06-28 15:13

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JLuc (developer)
2014-06-26 22:31
edited on: 2014-06-26 22:32

dougray : can you upload a sample SLA showing the issued ?

dougray (reporter)
2014-06-27 15:49
edited on: 2014-06-27 16:05

Ah. more complicated than I thought, an extra step is needed to reproduce:
after selecting "Default Character Style" in "Based On:" field:
*** open the "Style:" drop-down and select "Use Parent Font";
then continue with "Apply", "<<Done".

RE-OPENING THE UPLOADED FILE it will appear normal.
RE-EDITING THE STYLE with the above step makes the bug reappear.

THERE IS SOME INTERACTION with story editor: the style is reset to the first
font in /usr/share/fonts/ (for me, Abyssinica SIL Regular). If I open the
story editor when first opening the sample file, it shows the default
"Liberation Serif Regular"; but after tweaking the
"Default Paragraph Style"->"Character Style"->"basic formatting":"Style"->"Use Parent Font", "Apply",
re-opening the story editor now shows a style of "Abyssinica SIL Regular".
(excuse caps).

(I have a more complicated file in which some texts maintain brokeness across
closing scribus / re-opening file; I'll try to break it into something smaller
that still has this property. Sometime tomorrow.)

dougray (reporter)
2014-06-28 15:49

Okay, new file "destyledInheritance.sla" shows the bug and is consistent across close/re-open.

Opening destyledInheritance.sla, the fourth line in the textbox displays
as empty square glyphs for me.

(My scribus has a 1.4.2 splash screen, "Scribus 1.4.3.svn" title bar, and
top of .sla file says 4.3, but the package is labelled 1.4.2.dfsg+r18)

The problems come from using the "Use Parent Font" option in the Style: field
of a Character Style. That's for both the files. (I think that using
"Use Parent Font" gives equivalent results wherever it is used: in the
Family: field, or the Style: field, and in Character Styles or within a
Paragraph Style's Character Style tab.)

The "Use Parent Font" option only appears when the "Based On:" field is set,
so all Paragraph and Character styles here use an explicit value in "Based On:".

StyleFontInheritance-styleUseParent.sla just trips the Style: field in the
"Default Paragraph Style". The bug is displayed, but disappears after file
close / reopen.

destyledInheritance.sla" uses one level of indirection: we define a couple
of character styles; one has the Style: field destyled to the
"Use Parent Font" value (the other char style also uses a Based On: setting,
but the Style: field is untouched). Then we define an extra paragraph style.
One paragraph style is based on the destyled character style.
The other paragraph style is based on the clone character style ("Style:" field
unaltered from default).

(I saw another bug with "Use Parent Font" in the Family: field, where clicking
that value set the field to the last font in the font list. I haven't pursued that and it was intermittent.)

JLuc (developer)
2014-06-28 19:02

It has been fixed. Can you test and confirm the fix ?
dougray (reporter)
2014-06-29 14:17

That was so quick! Thanks again.

Testing may take some days, I hadn't planned on using this box as a development

Have installed subversion, opened svn on the firewall, checked out 14x.
Currently installing 600MB dependencies...
dougray (reporter)
2014-06-29 15:57

Confirming fixed (compiled from scribus 1.4.5 r19296):

test files display okay;
re-setting "Use Parent Font" / apply, still displays okay;
new text entered from story editor in style w. inherited char styles also okay.

good work, guys
FirasH (developer)
2014-07-07 17:55

Closing as tested by dougray.

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