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0003543ScribusShape Drawingpublic06-Apr-02 18:4114-Jul-02 04:07
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PlatformanyOSanyOS Versionany
Product Version1.3 
Target Version1.6 milestoneFixed in Version 
Summary0003543: seperate top/right/bottom/left border options
DescriptionI would like to be able to change the top/bottom/left/right borders seperatly, for images/figures/text boxes and also for paragraphs.

For example, to be able to create a box with only bottom and left borders.
(Like 'border-width: 0 0 1px 1px' in CSS.)
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related to 0003544feedback per style border options 
has duplicate 0008693closedjghali [feature request] Lines in paragraph 
related to 0004400closedale fine tuning tables 

-  Notes
louisdesjardins (developer)
06-Apr-20 20:13

Very good idea.
Yogarine (reporter)
06-May-05 14:45

I don't know but I think the priority should be normal, since I actually think users are turning away from Scribus because of the lacking of this feature.

(I, for one, wouldn't be using Scribus because of this... If it wasn't for the fact that I migrated 100% to Linux.)
plinnell (administrator)
06-May-06 16:52

You can manually edit the border (or stroke), depending on how you view Scribus. Scribus does have drawing tools which allow you to change the shape,break nodes and add nodes.

Select a text frame or image frame, then Shape > Edit Shape
louisdesjardins (developer)
06-May-06 18:42

This also relates to bug 0001124
ale (manager)
08-Oct-22 14:25

this feature has been requested last week by an italian user by mail and by an anonymous user today on irc.

i wonder why it has been marked as feedback...

i guess it should be closed if the devs don't want to implement such a feature or marked as aknowledged otherwise.

... i will set it back to "new"for now...
cbradney (administrator)
08-Oct-22 22:30

This will come when frame styles are implemented.
subeditor (reporter)
10-Apr-20 13:29

I would also like separate settings for round corners.
JLuc (updater)
11-Nov-10 10:29

Since a one cell table is very similar to a frame, it should be possible to achieve the desired feature with the new (future) tables in scribus 1.5

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06-Apr-02 18:41 Yogarine New Issue
06-Apr-02 22:21 jo-hannes Category General => Shape Drawing
06-Apr-02 22:21 jo-hannes Summary FEATURE REQUEST: seperate top/right/bottom/left border options => seperate top/right/bottom/left border options
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06-Apr-20 18:56 mhanski OS Version => any
06-Apr-20 18:56 mhanski Platform => any
06-Apr-20 18:56 mhanski Product Version => 1.3
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06-May-05 14:45 Yogarine Note Added: 0010971
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06-May-05 15:36 mhanski Status new => feedback
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