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0000579ScribusStylespublic2004-05-02 21:242012-01-26 02:54
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PlatformAthlonXPOSFedoraOS VersionCore 1
Product Version1.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000579: right-click paragraph, save as paragraph style
Descriptiontypesetting for body, headline, etc, usually done by hand initially. so once done, wanna right-click and save it as a paragraph style. should prompt for name.
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Attached Filespatch file icon style_from_cpos.patch [^] (12,081 bytes) 2011-05-23 15:39 [Show Content]
patch file icon style_from_cpos_v2.patch [^] (13,331 bytes) 2011-05-25 11:17 [Show Content]
patch file icon style_from_cpos_v3.patch [^] (12,961 bytes) 2011-05-26 13:10 [Show Content]
patch file icon stylesFromCPos.patch [^] (17,344 bytes) 2012-01-18 11:49 [Show Content]

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has duplicate 0005642closed Paragraph styles 
has duplicate 0008637closedjghali Save text styles from text frames work flow improvment 

-  Notes
cbradney (administrator)
2004-05-02 21:28

To be considered with 1.3+
christoph_s (administrator)
2007-05-06 23:05

Should also be available for other styles, if possible.
louisdesjardins (developer)
2008-02-14 20:04

I take this opportunity to explain further what I have in mind when I talk about a button named "Create style".

While it is very efficient to test various type settings from the PP and immediately see the result in the real text frame of your job (as opposed to the sample text that is in the Edit > Paragraph Styles dialog) it is clumsy to have to go to the Edit > Paragraph Styles dialog to enter again those values when you're satisfied with the result and want that as a Style. The trip to this dialog is time consuming and not very efficient. What I suggest is this button that would allow to immediately create a Style from the settings of the PP (provided as mentionned in an earlier bug report that we harmonize the PP and the Edit > Par Styles dialog). Once hit, we would be offered a small dialog asking for a Style Name and a Keyboard Shortcut (as an option) and voilĂ !

I sincerely think this would be a great plus for productivity and creationness! Not a gadget, a real plus in the PP. Consider the fact that afaik Scribus is alone in its category to allow such mousewheel settings combined with ctrl and shift keys to make the finest settings at your fingertip, including changing fonts, typesize, linespacing, kerning... etc. Given all those goodies that are really super-efficient, I am incline to think that a "Create Style" button would be in fact the cherry on the cake, the final touch to the text tab in the PP! Am I too enthusiastic?
louisdesjardins (developer)
2010-06-25 03:52

I completely stand by what I was writing. I agree with the poster that we need that. That was back in 2004, May 2. Wow!

I wonder how difficult is it to implement since we have all the settings available. We only want a button, or a right-click, with a dialog so small... prompt for a name and a keyboard shortcut.
cezaryece (developer)
2011-05-23 15:39

My patch solving this issue, I hope...
cbradney (administrator)
2011-05-23 22:53

My initial concerns with this lie with the code added to the ScribusMainWindow.. I will review and see if we can get that out of there (we want to remove all function document code from the main window)
cezaryece (developer)
2011-05-24 07:15

Tell me where and I will move it for you...
cbradney (administrator)
2011-05-24 23:27

Looking again, I think they should at least be in ScribusDoc, at least, it is a better place than the main window. You can connect actions dynamically to the doc.. see actionmanager.cpp and functions like connectNewSelectionActions()
ale (manager)
2011-05-24 23:44

basically: it works :-)

just one thing: the labels in the context menu are too long... i would create one single context menu with submenus

style >
  create from selection (paragraph)
  update from selection (paragraph)
  create from selection (character)
  update from selection (character)

i'm still not really happy...

i wonder it would not be better to have a button "from selection" in the style manager...

or adding it to the PP...

i guess i'll ask claudia if she has better ideas!
cezaryece (developer)
2011-05-25 08:34

In PP ok, but invoking style manager for such simply task is against rule "smallest number of clicks".
For me context menu is good place, maybe all these entries should be in submenu "Styles" in there.
cezaryece (developer)
2011-05-25 11:36

New version of my patch
- functions moved into ScribusDoc as cbradney was suggesting
- in UI all functions are in submenu "Styles from selection" in context menu
- add function for saving current style as Default Paragraph/Character Style

Remember to add option -l (small L) while applying my patches (QtCreator has problem with spaces and tabs)
cbradney (administrator)
2011-05-25 23:30

Cezary.. looks good, I think.. I guess my next observation is.. how does this run programmatically, or via scripter or headless.. void ScribusDoc::setChStyleCPos() calls for GUI interaction. Perhaps such functions could take a string paramter for the name if the GUI is not in use.. or to force a name (and if a duplicate, then just append _s until it is unique or similar)..

I am asking Jean to review too
cezaryece (developer)
2011-05-26 07:37
edited on: 2011-06-02 07:15

It calls GUI interaction because styles name changes need update in PP and SM. Maybe it should be splited into function for headless operation and separately into function for GUI updates.
I will try to do it...

And done in v3...

StefanM (reporter)
2011-06-27 12:29

This feature would be gold. "typesetting for body, headline, etc, usually done by hand initially. so once done, wanna right-click and save it as a paragraph style. should prompt for name." +1
ale (manager)
2011-06-27 13:45

stefanm, just apply the patches, test it and give feedback...
StefanM (reporter)
2011-07-04 12:07


patching didnt work, dont know why: hunk errors etc. I checked out svn trunk and 2 older working copies from within QT Creator and tried
patch -p1 < style_from_cpos_v3.patch
cezaryece (developer)
2011-07-04 13:04
edited on: 2011-07-04 13:07

Adding -l (small L) option may help, but major problem is that in the meantime CPos field of PageItem is no longer used, and patch need refactoring it to itemText->cursorPosition() method.
When I end current work I try to prepare new version of patch for latest revisions.

ale (manager)
2011-07-04 13:27

use the "-l" parameter for patch (this is an el and not an one...)
StefanM (reporter)
2011-09-02 11:28


Is a patch available for testing?
cezaryece (developer)
2011-10-12 07:26

and what about that patch commit?
StefanM (reporter)
2011-10-12 09:17


I see only patches from May here, in (0026529) you said "When I end current work I try to prepare new version of patch for latest revisions."

I'm waiting patiently :-) Thank you very much for your work with scribus.
cezaryece (developer)
2011-10-12 13:41

ups.. my fault... will try today what I promise
cezaryece (developer)
2012-01-18 11:51

Sorry for late, but bettter late than never.
stylesFromCPos.patch is new version with solution for 1.4.1.svn

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