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0000709ScribusUser Interfacepublic2004-05-24 22:412005-12-01 00:35
Assigned Tocbradney 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.3.2cvs 
Summary0000709: Switched Yes/No and Yes/No/Cancel dialogues
DescriptionThis is certainly not a priority one case, but perhaps it would serve the usability to accustom diverse Yes/No and Yes/No/Cancel dialogues to what the user most often expects. IMO, No/Yes dialogs should be switched to Yes/No (see screen shot 1). I'm not as certain regarding the three choice dialogues, but I think, the order should be from the highest to the least probability, i.e. Yes/No/Cancel respectively Close/Save/Cancel (see screenshot 2). Last but not least an example, that some dialogues in Scribus follow this rule (screen shot 3).
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png file icon 3options.png [^] (9,737 bytes) 2004-05-24 22:42

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subik (manager)
2004-05-25 08:37

i agree and i'm able to do it
malex (administrator)
2004-05-25 16:15

I already raised this issue some time ago. Franz was adamantly against it as the proposed way does not conform to the Apple HIG. Please talk to him before you start changing the dialogs.
jo-hannes (developer)
2004-05-25 19:31

what means APPLE HIG? i agree with subik and mhansky, i also made this proposal but cbradney said there is no real standard although im also known to yes-no-cancel
cbradney (administrator)
2004-05-25 20:59

The decision was made previously that as is used in various systems, the default should be on the left, whether this be yes or no.
fschmid (administrator)
2004-05-25 20:59

malex, that thing with the HIG (Apple Human Interface Guidelines) was only meant for the default button being used, not for the placement of the buttons itself.
redrat (reporter)
2004-06-25 00:33

I find the current button layout really irritating. I think scribus should follow the button layout of kde. It almost looks like a KDE application and it's confusing for people who use KDE and Scribus. Applications look a like but behave different...

(and btw. I thought scribus is mainly an linux application. I make no sense to use the _APPLE_ hig). Maybe there's a way this is configureable or it's plattform based...)
subik (manager)
2005-04-04 09:23

I've browsed whole 1.3cvs - it seems everything is reworked "KDE way". Maciej, malex do you agree?
cbradney (administrator)
2005-04-04 17:12

No, theres plenty that are No-Yes. My plans were to be able to set this, or detect the WM if user requested, and then let the dialog swap them around. Its not that hard. We should not be coding for KDE or Gnome, but allowing switching based on user prefs.
cbradney (administrator)
2005-10-05 00:17

I have started to implement a new message dialog class that can switch based on environment, ie Win32, OSX, Gnome or KDE. Eg, the new File Revert warning dialog.
ringerc (administrator)
2005-11-05 05:18

MrB, is this done? It looks like it is at least partially.
cbradney (administrator)
2005-11-05 13:04

Its partially done, but I havent scoured all sources for QMessageBox:: calls yet. Just done the ones I have come across.

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