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0007812ScribusInternalpublic09-Feb-21 20:0614-Sep-18 23:17
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Product Version1.3.5svn 
Target Version1.5.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0007812: [PATCH] Some source documentation patches

I would like to use Scribus to make book with vertical layout. I find that
scribus can't handle this (yet). As I have some scales in programming, I said
to myself why not doing it.

I start by trying to modify the code to allow scribus to accept vertical
layout, but I stop in the mood as I find difficult to understand all the code
usage (especially variable).
I revert all my changes and start to look deep into the code. In my trip, I
slowly understand more and more about scribus internal, and to remember to
myself what I've find I write some code documentation.

Are you interested by this kind of contributions ?
If yes can you give me some feedback ?

I'm a French so my English is not perfect, but I'll like to correct it. I've
add some questions in the code (look at the comments starting by //ivro:) I
will be pleased If you find time to answer them.

Do you prefer Javadoc or Qt style documentation marks ?
For now, I use Qt style with autobrief mode. (I find it more readable for one variable - one line description, mostly). Are you okay with this ?

You can contact me at or ivro on freenode.

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Attached Files? file icon scribusdoc.h [^] (55,998 bytes) 09-Feb-21 20:06
? file icon page.h [^] (5,881 bytes) 09-Feb-22 07:49
? file icon diff scribusdoc.h [^] (79,432 bytes) 09-Feb-22 22:23
? file icon diff page.h [^] (5,455 bytes) 09-Feb-22 22:23
gz file icon docs-patchs-from-ivro-based-on-r13346.tar.gz [^] (45,216 bytes) 09-Mar-27 16:07
diff file icon patches-docs-from-ivro-based-on-r13556.diff [^] (84,689 bytes) 09-Mar-27 16:44 [Show Content]
gz file icon docs-patches-based-on-r13356.tar.gz [^] (42,653 bytes) 09-Mar-27 21:06
? file icon remove-git-patch-header-and-footer.sed-script [^] (61 bytes) 09-Mar-27 21:16
patch file icon docs-patches-part1.patch [^] (57,761 bytes) 09-Mar-28 02:16 [Show Content]
patch file icon docs-patches-based-on-r13358.patch [^] (87,912 bytes) 09-Mar-28 08:56 [Show Content]
patch file icon units-docs-patches-based-on-r13358.patch [^] (17,551 bytes) 09-Mar-28 09:10 [Show Content]

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cbradney (administrator)
09-Feb-21 21:52

Sure, we would love such contributions. We use doxygen to parse the files into, [^] so the format existing in some files is ok.
ivro (reporter)
09-Feb-21 22:35

Are you ok with the change in scribus.h ?
Do you what a diff ?
ivro (reporter)
09-Feb-21 22:44

It's Do you want a diff !
avox (administrator)
09-Feb-21 23:51

What do you mean with "vertical layout"? As in Japanese or traditional Chinese writing?
ivro (reporter)
09-Feb-22 07:23

No, I mean vertical document. A top and a bottom pages document, like left and right.

######### #########
# # # #
# page 1 # # page 3 #
######### #########
# # # #
# page 2 # # ... #
ivro (reporter)
09-Feb-22 07:50

I add more work, see page.h
pierremarchand (reporter)
09-Feb-22 12:37

ivro, please upload diffs rather than source files. We need to review your changes and it’s not possible with source files.
ivro (reporter)
09-Feb-22 22:24

Add them.
cbradney (administrator)
09-Feb-22 22:51

I'm not clear on the syntax change and how that will affect the doxygen output on
ivro (reporter)
09-Feb-22 23:19

All the old syntax behave the same. When you explicitly use @brief the behaviour is the same.
The thing that change is when you write a comment without the tag, the first phrase (until the first point) is used as brief. I find it more readable but I can revert things.
cbradney (administrator)
09-Feb-22 23:31

The new syntax can stay if it will still work
christoph_s (administrator)
09-Mar-15 02:47

Ivro: It would be great if you could complete your work (at least partially) once 1.3.5 is released, i.e. in 1.3.6svn. Thank you very much for your efforts!
cbradney (administrator)
09-Mar-15 22:50

ivro, we can include this in 135svn if we have updated files to match current svn ( i mean for easy patching, rather than more completeness)
ivro (reporter)
09-Mar-27 11:20


How can I send it to you ?

My works are on a git repository, set up with full copy of the scribus svn history.
It's available at, [^] looks at branch docs.

I can rebase my works on top of any svn revision as you like.
ivro (reporter)
09-Mar-27 16:53
edited on: 09-Mar-27 17:16

Add diff between r13356 and docs branch

I haven't find a way to create collection of diff in git,
so I sent a full diff on my works.

If you know a way to create diff for each commit in git, you're welcome !

ivro (reporter)
09-Mar-27 21:21

I find it!

The file docs-patches-based-on-r13356.tar.gz contains documentations patches based on top of revision 13356.

The file remove-git-patch-header-and-footer.sed-script is a sed script to use git format-patch to generate patch series.
cbradney (administrator)
09-Mar-27 21:53

something is wrong with the scribusdoc.h files.. I now have duplicated selection based functions.. any chance u can just make one big patch file?
ivro (reporter)
09-Mar-28 00:23

This file patches-docs-from-ivro-based-on-r13556.diff is one
cbradney (administrator)
09-Mar-28 00:47
edited on: 09-Mar-28 00:47

Something isnt quite right in the file:

- */
- void allItems_ChangePreviewResolution(int id);
+<<<<<<< HEAD:Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.h
+<<<<<<< HEAD:Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.h
     void itemSelection_ClearItem(Selection* customSelection=0);
     //! Delete the items in the current selection. When force is true, we do not warn the user and make SE happy too. Force is used from @sa Page::restorePageItemCreation
     void itemSelection_DeleteItem(Selection* customSelection=0, bool forceDeletion=false);
@@ -1203,10 +1836,44 @@ public slots:
     void undoRedoBegin();
     void undoRedoDone();
+>>>>>>> Documents ScribusDoc itemSelection related:Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.h
     void updatePic();
     void updatePict(QString name);
     void updatePictDir(QString name);
     void removePict(QString name);
+>>>>>>> Groups and documents ScribusDoc various related:Scribus/scribus/scribusdoc.h

ivro (reporter)
09-Mar-28 02:17

docs-patches-part1.patch -> the valid part of patches
ivro (reporter)
09-Mar-28 08:57

docs-patches-based-on-r13358.patch is the corrected patch
ivro (reporter)
09-Mar-28 09:12

units-docs-patches-based-on-r13358.patch documents units functions.

It renames the argument index to unit.
Kunda (manager)
14-Jul-03 16:26

bumping to 1.5.1 (patch is 5 years old and most likely needs re-tweaking)
Kunda (manager)
14-Jul-23 23:38

ivro, If this email is still active. Please respond give a heads up if you are still interested in helping in your efforts here. Appreciate the work you did.
Kunda (manager)
14-Sep-18 23:17

Cannot reach OP through email and he hasn't responded to this thread. Is there anything we can salvage from these patches ?

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