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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
User Interface
1.3.94majorlouisdesjardinsconfirmed2014-08-04Display issues in Style Manager dialogs on Mac
Properties Palette
1.32featurechristoph_sconfirmed2014-08-04Enable changing baseline grid from the properties palette
Properties Palette
1.34featuremhanskiassigned (jghali)2014-08-04Improvements to properties palette
Properties Palette
1.5.0svn4minorKundanew2014-08-04OSX UI themes (default and 'Macintosh') scroll bar blocks properties menu arrows
1.5.0svn1.5.12minorFirasHconfirmed2014-08-02Undo/Redo records redundant actions using "Replace Colors"
Graphics / Image Frames
1.5.0svn3minorJLucnew2014-08-02Feature : align / center, horizontaly / verticaly, image in frame
Fonts of letters overlap the inside of the letters themselves.
Import / Export
6featureJLucnew2014-08-01Link text frame to SLA file
User Interface
1.3 minoravoxacknowledged2014-08-01Metabug: GUI appearance
Properties Palette
1.3.5svn15minoralexandreacknowledged2014-08-01Properties Palette could use far less screen estate
Properties Palette
1.5.0svn1.5.14majorPeterBenedekconfirmed2014-07-31Opening/Closing Properties palette tabs moves the view to the first document (2+ document Tabs)
Import / Export
1.3.51featurewikijefffeedback2014-07-30Suggested Improvement of RTF Import with UNRTF
Fonts text does not work as expected with some fonts.
1.5.0svn1. (fschmid)2014-07-28Sending items to "Inline Items" causes bad canvas render
1.5.0svn2minorneoarttecnew2014-07-28Image Browser - Can not drag and drop images into collection
1.5.0svn minorneoarttecnew2014-07-28Image Browser - Can not multiple select images
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1minorFirasHconfirmed2014-07-28Inconsistent spacing in Story Editor
1.3.2cvs minorsubikacknowledged (subik)2014-07-27Metabug: Guide Dialog
1.5.0svn1.5.11minora_winklernew2014-07-27Snapping to guides doesn't work at high zoom levels
1.4.0 featurelouisdesjardinsnew2014-07-27Guide Manager should allow more choices to apply guides
1.3.5 minornanorodassigned (subik)2014-07-27Horizontal / vertical automatic guides can't be selected as references for Align and distribute
1.5.0svn minorchristoph_snew2014-07-27Picture Browser: Failure to read home directory after launch
Import / Export
1.5.0svn8minorJLucnew2014-07-26native FileDialog
1featuret8xtnew2014-07-26Drag and Drop content placement with media browser
1.5.0svn1.5.11minorFirasHconfirmed2014-07-26Transformation does not work with Lines
Build System
1.5.0svn featureKundafeedback2014-07-26[Proposal] Display versions of all libs used by Scribus in Help > About
1.3.5svn3featurenhoptonassigned (Herm)2014-07-26XeLaTeX
1.4.0svn2tweakfrankbifeedback2014-07-25Style manager always opens to the right
1.4.0svn1minorpygmeefeedback2014-07-25Frames snaps to non existing margin
Build System
2minormaprerinew2014-07-25Please add Large File Support to scribus
Scripter (jainbasil)2014-07-25Two more script command would be nice : getObjectType and getTextAlignement
1.4.1 minorcypnew2014-07-25copies of styles hidden returning occasionally
Import / Export
1.7 milestone5minorjlpoolefeedback2014-07-25Enhancement Request: Import Graphics via HTTP or URI/URL
1.4.1 majorjlwabernew2014-07-25Undo deletes text after changing text properties
Import / Export
 featureplinnellacknowledged2014-07-25Metabug: PDF Enhancements
1.4.3.svn minora_winklernew2014-07-25line widths of outlines are changed when resizing a group of objects
1.4.3.svn1.5.12minorFirasHconfirmed2014-07-25Resizing rotated Frames/Polygons behaves strangely
Graphics / Image Frames
1.4.18majorFrederic.Bronfeedback2014-07-24Image links get corrupted when symlinks involved
Graphics / Image Frames
1.5.0svn3featureJLucnew2014-07-24Convert inline graphics to files
1.5.0svn4minorJLucnew2014-07-24Warn when some image is outside "images" folder
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn2minoralenew2014-07-24the hyphenation tool is too hard to discover
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.16majorFirasHconfirmed2014-07-24Wrong managment of Variable Text Marks
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.11minorchristoph_snew2014-07-24Inconsistent behaviour of marks editing/managing
2featurealenew2014-07-24align (and distribute?) by the baseline
Build System
1.5.0svn minorJLucnew2014-07-24Placeholder variables or #defines for the branch name and for the svn or git repository
Build System
1.4.3.svn8minorapastuszakassigned (plinnell)2014-07-24Scribus does not show up when searched for in Gnome Shell
1.3.6svn2minorGurgiONEfeedback2014-07-23Zooming out: Shift+mousekey doesn't work with WACOM Graphics Tablet
User Interface
1.4.0svn1.5.14minorJLucconfirmed2014-07-23horizontal scroll sometimes not there for main window
User Interface
1.5.0svn1minoralefeedback2014-07-23+ and - should be the default keys for zooming in and out
1.4.21majorchappa-ainew2014-07-23View Pan Bug At High Zoom
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