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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedSummary
User Interface
1.3.2cvs2featurechristoph_sassigned (subik)06-01-02Show guides in the rulers
3featureringercacknowledged06-01-02Multiple users sharing one open document
Import / Export
1.3.0cvs featurejo-hannesacknowledged05-12-29PDF Export: improve font embedding options
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.2.5cvs1majorjwatteconfirmed05-12-26Applying overrides to styles loses baseline grid attachment
1.3.01minortimiacknowledged05-12-22PDF-Export / Encryption
User Interface
4featuredbolackacknowledged05-12-11Spread only page view
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.2cvs2majorkavs0007confirmed05-12-05Text property changes with select-all across linked frames only affects one frame
User Interface
1.3.2cvs2featuremichael_krauthacknowledged05-11-29Switch to disable bbject frames on other layers than the active one
User Interface
1.3.01minortimiconfirmed05-10-20relation eps-resolution/resample-resolution
1.2.1cvs2featureDanielacknowledged05-10-11Manual kerning of letters at beginning and end of paragraph...
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.1cvs minorgpittmanacknowledged05-10-11failure of line spacing adjustment in Story Editor
1.3.1cvs1minorrgpublicacknowledged05-10-11Default font/Difficult to find embedded fonts
Shape Drawing
1.3.2cvs1minorjo-hannesconfirmed05-10-08resizing a selection with textframes ignores the linespacing
Graphics / Image Frames
1.3.0cvs10featurealexandreacknowledged05-09-12improvement for handling changes in images on disc
1.6 milestone1featurepacketbellacknowledged05-09-10Formatting Lens
1.3.2cvs3featureDanielacknowledged05-09-10Single key-stroke to kern letters...
Story Editor / Text Frames
7featureTomK32acknowledged05-09-09Default charset for text import on Mac OS X
Import / Export
1.3.1cvs2featureringercacknowledged05-08-29PDF and PostScript text output one glyph at a time
User Interface
1.3.1cvs majorringercacknowledged05-08-14Metabug: Vanishing or silently disabled UI
 minorringercconfirmed05-08-03ScribusView is too big to be comprehended by mortal minds
User Interface
1.3.1cvs1minorringercacknowledged05-07-25Metabug: Long-running code that blocks the UI
1.3.0cvs2featuremalexassigned (subik)05-07-24Edit>Preferences>Fonts... improvements
1featurerm53acknowledged05-07-23unify Styles and Templates, make them hierarchical (add inheritance)
Import / Export
 featurechristoph_sacknowledged05-07-20Importing multiple page documents
1featureroli8200acknowledged05-07-15Free Text Tool Requested
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.37featurepacketbellacknowledged05-07-14Text Frame Styles
1.3.0cvs2minorringercconfirmed05-07-12Convert all PageItem direct member access to use getters and setters
1.3.0cvs featureringercassigned (avox)05-07-03Text and font metrics
1.31featureiridionacknowledged05-06-30creation of new file when dragging textframe
User Interface
1.3.0cvs3featurejo-hannesacknowledged05-06-30allow copying objects by dragging them with pressed ctrl to another place in the document
1.3.0cvs2featureDavidAndersonacknowledged05-06-28RFE: Read-only mode
1.32featurecbradneyassigned (fschmid)05-06-26Improve Font selection capabilities
1.31featureplinnellassigned (fschmid)05-06-26New font selection capability based on gtfonts and Tsoots gettext code
 featureringercacknowledged05-06-21Internet document submission
Story Editor / Text Frames
2featurejo-hannesacknowledged05-06-18Not possible to append text before closing the story editor
Story Editor / Text Frames
3featureTomK32acknowledged05-06-15column span
1.3.0cvs2featuretomasconfirmed05-06-15Wish: allow PPD selection when printing to PostScript file
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.2.1cvs featureringercacknowledged05-06-15Auto-adjust column/frame leading to fit nearest line
1.3.0cvs2featurefcoiffieacknowledged05-06-04To format text and get format with some tags
1.33featuresukiacknowledged05-05-12line-numbering in PDF
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