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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
Translation (jghali)2010-01-18Danish Translation
Language Tools (jghali)2010-01-03crash when freeing non-existent hyphenator
1.5.0svn1.3.3.14svn1majorgpothierclosed (jghali)2010-01-03Bug 7854 was fixed although it was invalid
Translation (jghali)2009-12-15pt_BR description in desktop file is wrong
Styles (jghali)2009-10-23Impossible to set spacing under/below paragraph greater than 3 mm if mm is main unit
1.5.0svn1.3.3.14svn minorvictorpclosed (jghali)2009-10-23invalid postscript is generated when spot color name use non latin chars
Fonts text386skyclosed (jghali)2009-10-23Arrows only shows the leftwards arrow in Character Map
Shape Drawing (jghali)2009-10-19program crashes with "unknown exception" on drawing shape
Documentation (plinnell)2009-10-11remove the links to [^]
Language Tools
1.3.5svn1. (plinnell)2009-10-10Enhancment: Hyphenation patterns for Kurdish
1.3.6svn1.3.3.14svn1minoralexandreclosed (plinnell)2009-09-26Added RU transaltion to desktop file
Import / Export (jghali)2009-09-22ODG import crashes Scribus
Undo/Redo minorplinnellclosed (jghali)2009-08-18Code change reccommended by Novell audit of
Import / Export (jghali)2009-08-12CMYK images look strange when exported as PDF
Scripter (jghali)2009-08-11while loop with textOverflows crashes scribus
PDF (jghali)2009-08-06PDF/X-3 export ignores rotation setting
General crashwgregoriclosed (jghali)2009-07-12Exception when trying to edit a particular text box in story editor
PDF (jghali)2009-07-12Deadlock trying to create a PDF radiobutton group
Scripter minorarditoclosed (jghali)2009-07-12Bundled script UTF code error, italian
1.5.0svn1.3.3.14svn1majorvictorpclosed (jghali)2009-07-03Invalid .ps file created when masterpage name contains non latin chars
General (jghali)2009-07-03Crash when creating object after renaming master page
General (jghali)2009-05-28crash when opening doc caused by broken masterpage with empty name
General (plinnell)2009-05-13Lorem Ipsum for Japanese
Translation (plinnell)2009-05-12Translation in breton language for Scribus
Translation featuremlangloclosed (jghali)2009-04-23Danish Translation


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