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0010051ScribusGeneralpublic2011-06-15 21:19
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Product Version1.3.9 
Summary0010051: Scribus crashes due to an unknown exception. CAN NOT OPEN MY FILE !!!
DescriptionWhen I want to open my scribus file (sla) it first loads but with 93 % the error appears. It says "scribus crashes due to the following ecxeption : UNKNOWN EXCEPTION" an scribus closes itself.
At the beginning we could open the file an work with it but suddenly the same message appeared and scribus crashed.

we are desperate because our yearbook has to be printed next week. but we can not open anything.

Please help us !
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duplicate of 0004520 assignedjghali Crash while placing multiple large JPEG images 



2011-06-15 13:20



2011-06-15 18:16

administrator   ~0026405

I can open that document without problem in 1.4.0svn, however without the image as a sla typically only link to images files. Given the number of pages of your document and the number of images, the reason of this error is likely lack of memory on your computer to open all the image used in your document.

To avoid memory related issues, we always recommend :
- to avoid using unnecessarily large images : a 100Mb image on a A4 pages is already too large, 30Mb is quite sufficient. And remember we always reason in term of uncompressed data : a 5Mb jpg file can translate to 100Mo of data once uncompressed.
- to split a document into multiple documents if it has lots of images, long text chains, or lots of pages

To open your document again, move temporarily images to another folder, so you can open your document without loading images. Then split your document and move back images to their original place afterwards.


2011-06-15 21:19

administrator   ~0026406

Closing as this issue is a duplicate of 0004520 anyway. Please follow above instructions.

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