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Summary0010078: Changing styles imported with text from ODT documents doesn't work properly
DescriptionWhen text is imported from ODT document together with styles created in Libre/, any later change to these styles regarding their character settings (tab "Character Style" in Style Manager) doesn't get applied to imported text. However, changes are reflected on text which is created in Scribus, not imported.

Creating new styles in Scribus, then deleting imported ones and replacing them, when asked, with these new Scribus-made styles, doesn't work either.
Steps To Reproduce1. Import text from the attached "StylesIssue.odt" document (or create one from scratch if you like)

2. Change font and font size for a style, e.g., style "Text_20_Body". Apply the changes.

3. Result: no changes in imported text.
Additional InformationTo make those changes in imported styles apply to imported text, one must *reapply* corresponding styles for every single paragraph.

But beware: reapplying these styles will automatically remove any custom formatting (bold or italic), so one should create and apply proper character styles to every instance of text formatted manually prior to reapplying paragraph styles.

Note: Changes to imported styles regarding distances, indentation etc. (tab "Properties" in Style Manager) work as expected.
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2011-06-27 10:49

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2011-06-27 22:34

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The text importing code is currently rather outdated and has not support for style inheritance. As a consequence, it applies char attributes inherited from paragraph styles as direct formatting on text. That's why modification on paragraph styles are not reflected in text frame as paragraph style is overridden by direct formatting. Of course that's not ideal, just to explain why this is so currently.

I applied a fix which is rather a workaround : text formatting is cleaned up after import in order to remove direct formatting on attributes already applied at paragraph level. Text import may be a bit longer, but imported text will be cleaner. Better fix when text import code will be rewritten...


2011-06-28 13:05

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Great, this makes things really easier, a LOT easier. Compiled 1.4.0svn and tested, works nicely. I'm glad that you've managed to fix this so quickly, and before 1.4 is out. Thank you.

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