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0010132ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-08-17 09:54
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PlatformOS XOSSnow LeopardOS Version10.6.8
Product Version1.4.0svn 
Summary0010132: New Paragraphs Have No Style
Description(This also happens in the Windows version.) When new paragraphs are added to a text frame, instead of having a default style or the previous paragraph's style they have No Style. This forces each new paragraph added to a text frame to require manual editing in Story Editor for applying a style.
Steps To ReproduceType some characters into a text frame and apply a style to it. De-select the text frame, then select it again to add a new paragraph to the frame. Upon pressing Enter after the existing paragraph to start the new one, new added text has no style.
Additional InformationA setting should be added to paragraph styles called "Subsequent Style". This should be a drop-down, combo-box, cyclic (whatever the Scribus language calls it) with choices: Default Style, Same Style, No Style, in addition to all currently defined styles. The default value should be "Same Style". This would enable then, for example, entering text with a "Heading" style, pressing enter for a new line, and the new line immediately being "Body" style without manually doing so, because the "Heading" style would have "Body" as the Subsequent Style. Pressing enter after the "Body" paragraph to start a new paragraph would remain "Body" style because its Subsequent Style would be "Same Style".
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related to 0005603 new "No Style" quirkiness in Story Editor [patch] 
related to 0013764 confirmed changing font size with up/down arrows not working as expected 



2011-07-14 15:40

manager   ~0026595

this is something that has been reported (iirc) in the mailing list: the last char in the frame has the default formatting for the frame...
it should have the last char formatting.


2011-07-15 00:17

reporter   ~0026603

Regardless of the last character's formatting, it would be quite useful to be able to define the subsequent paragraph style for any given style (and then of course have it get applied automatically when typing). Changing an existing paragraph to a new style which includes a Subsequent Style should not change the style of any text following the paragraph.


2011-07-15 08:28

manager   ~0026605

@chappa: this is another matter and should be filled separately...
it's easier for the devs to work with the bug tracker if each issue is filled in its own report...
most of all we should try to separate bug reports and feature requests :-)

... btw, i think that there is already a bug report for the "next style" feature...

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