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0010133ScribusScripterpublic2014-10-08 23:18
Reporterale Assigned Tojainbasil  
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Summary0010133: scripter-ng: check if it would be possible to make the scripter access functions defined in plugins...
Description... would it be possible (or is it already possible?) that the scripter can accesses -- as an example -- the barcode generator?
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2011-07-14 16:39

administrator   ~0026596

Scripter must not access directly plugin functions. Plugins are plugins and consequently one must not suppose their availability at any moment. Plugin functionnalities must be accessed from Scribus plugin interface, which is already possible. See scribus_placevec() function in current scripter svgimport.cpp for an example on how to do that.


2011-07-17 13:33

manager   ~0026608

i'm very well aware that the access to "missing" plugins must be solved.

the question is if each "plugin call" in the scripter API should sort it out or if the scripter should have a general mechanism to gracefully fail if a command related to a missing plugin is called.

i mean: currently we have scribus_placevec() which is always available but won't return any result (i guess) if the svg plugin is not there.
in the future we may have the plugin defining its API and all calls to plugin.* to gracefully fail if the plugin is not there..

or am i on the wrong path?


2011-07-17 13:55

administrator   ~0026609

Last edited: 2011-07-17 21:49

Wrong path...

If a plugin define its own api and is not there, then all call to plugin.* will have *no* way to fail gracefully as plugin.* will not be declared and by consequence will trigger a python exception. And Scribus will not be able to handle those exceptions by itself, they will have to be handled by scripts.

Currently scribus_placevec() handle missing plugins gracefully, returns null and set an error string in those case.

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