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0010142ScribusGeneralpublic2012-07-06 06:30
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Summary0010142: Automatic creation of columns and gaps guides
DescriptionIn 'File > New Document' users are asked whether they want a 1 or more column layout and can set the gap between those columns right from the start. Good.

When hitting [OK] the document is created and the margins guides appear automatically.

However to get the guides for columns and gaps, the users need to go the 'Page > Manage Guide' dialog and basically enter again those values. Annoying. Can lead to mistakes. And in any event it is not efficient to enter 2 times the same values in 2 different dialogs.

Just like the main proprietary apps do, those columns guides should appear as well. They are part of the structure of the document.

I suggest we make it an option in the 'File > New Document' window by the mean of a checkbox 'Create Page Guides' or even simpler 'Create Guides'.

We could also consider not to offer the option. Columns and gap would simply appear, no questions asked, like the margin guides. The big players don't offer the option. The margins and columns guides appear at document creation.
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2012-07-06 06:30

manager   ~0028384

ok, for the option in the new document...

... but if the user has checked it, scribus should not only create the guides but also create two linked frames, one per column and not one frame separated in two columns.

(but all in all, i think i would even prefer to remove the whole option to create content and columns in the new file dialog. personally, i'd prefer to simplify this dialog and concentrate on making very easy for the user to create and fill the pages once the document is open: most of the time you don't want to create empty pages, but want to create/import master pages and styles first!)

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