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0010237ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-02-29 13:38
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Summary0010237: click and drag selects all objects on all previous pages
DescriptionAfter having selected and edited a text or image frame on any page (even at page let say 37), when clicking and draging outside of the frame so as to select some object(s), the selections starts at top left of first or zero page instead to begin at click point, and includes all object that are laid out before that clik point on page 37.

This is frightening since one does not understand exactly what has happened
This is dangerous since the consequences of any action at this point are huge since the action would impact all previous objects (for example <suppr>...)

Note : Sometime, even when just clicking, scribus detects a little drag (it happens the mouse has a little slightly moved !) and all objects before this point are selected.

Steps To Reproducewith a document of 10 pages of various content
- edit content of text frame on page 8
- click and drag outside this frame

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related to 0010432 new Selecting object after having edited another one and having changed page using arrow keys 



2011-09-05 21:12

reporter   ~0026830

I made a quick test and I can confirm the problem. This happens when you switch to direct editing mode of some text or image frame, and start click-dragging outside the frame you are editing: a very large selection rectangle appears, that includes many other frames. The obvious workaround is: before starting the click-drag operation, click outside the selected frame, so as to exit direct editing mode.


2011-09-05 22:03

administrator   ~0026831

Yep, just managed to reproduce it too.

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