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0010315ScribusProperties Palettepublic2016-12-09 06:17
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Summary0010315: The default size of the properties palette is too narrow
DescriptionIn the forum somebody is reporting that the PP is too narrow...

I also noticed that I already had to make it wider and longer to be able to use it.

I wonder if the current width
- is based on the values for a specific platform,
- is somehow random or
- if because of new widgets the width and height are not correct anymore.

If there is no reason to keep the current size, it would be better to have a several pixel more...
(for the height, it's clear that we should make sure that, by default, it fits on every monitor! most people don't know how to resize a palette which is too long!)

I can make a patch if there is a need for it...



2011-10-11 11:18


scribus_problem.jpg (29,999 bytes)   
scribus_problem.jpg (29,999 bytes)   


2011-10-11 11:36

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Currently the widget size is automatically determined by Qt. Setting a fixed sized to widgets must be avoided as widgets size to be used heavily depends on the current Qt style. By doing so, one has almost all chance to get it wrong on some platform. If anything is to be done it is by setting the widget size policy, not the widget size itself.

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