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0010417ScribusFontspublic2017-04-19 11:52
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Summary0010417: Missing font is proposed to replace missing font
DescriptionWhen opening a document, scribus checks for the fonts and if one is missing, asks for replacement. For the replacement, the missing font itself is proposed amongst others, and accepted, without warning.

I guess there is a usefull use sometime in proposing a missing font as a replacement for a missing font, but it would be friendly to shortly explain why, or at least warn and explain what will happen when a missing font is choosen, and propose to cancel-choice-and-go-back-to-replace-dialog.

Of course, in case there is no use in replacing a missing font with a missing font, missing fonts should not be proposed.
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related to 0008647 new Permanence of font substitutions is quite limited (although substitute font permanently is checked) 
related to 0005584 assignedavox problem with transparency of an icon in the font replacement dialog 
related to 0011843 closedjghali Fonts that don't exist in the system actually do 



2013-11-20 15:46

developer   ~0030862

In 0011843, jghali explains this : "Not a bug, fonts with the 'S' symbol are substitution fonts, ie fonts with the same name, but which use another font for display."

UI needs to be improved. How to guess the meaning for the "S" ? (btw I am not yet sure what it maeans.)
have a help button ?
a hint bubble on hovering ?

In 0011843, kunda proposes this :
I wonder if it would be beneficial to mention that in the 'Font Substituion' dialog box somewhere. Make a little legend with symbols (such as a green 'S') or whatever else, that explains what this symbol means.
if a person does choose to use a substituted font, then in the dialog warning box that comes after pressing 'OK', it can mention something like: "You've chosen to use a substituted font in one of your selections. Note that if you've opted to make this change permanent it will not do so. Please download the correct fonts so as to resolve this issue."
I've been trying to assign the same fonts over and over again (over 2 dozen times or more) each time I go to open my project.


2015-04-12 20:45

updater   ~0034904

Instead of the user needing to find the pseudo-font or placeholder font through the list of font names we should automagically find it for them. Then we notify the user of the following: You are missing a font on your system that this document requires. Options:
A) Choose a placeholder pseudo-font which allows you to temporarily substitute a missing font with a default font while keeping the original font name. Then you can attempt to find the font and install it.
B) Choose a substitute font. Scribus will now substitute your choice everytime it encounters the original font. Change this by going in to Scribus -> Preferences -> Fonts -> Font Substitution (tab)
Missing Font Substitution Dialog Mockup:

Here is a mockup:
[Image of Green "S"] = Pseudo-substitute the font with this placeholder. This substitute expires when you end your Scribus session. Find the original font and install it on your system before restartin Scribus to avoid this menu again.


2015-04-12 20:46



2015-04-12 20:50

updater   ~0034905

Last edited: 2015-04-12 20:51

Added relationship with 0008647 "Permanence of font substitutions is quite limited (although substitute font permanently is checked)"


2015-04-12 20:58

updater   ~0034906

File in question located:


2015-04-12 21:02

updater   ~0034907

Related to 0005584 "problem with transparency of an icon in the font replacement dialog"


2015-04-13 06:48

developer   ~0034915

Some more explanations or other ways of explaining these S fonts, following irc with Jean :

The green S means "temporarily substituted"
Scribus keeps this font in the document SLA file, but makes behave such a font like a redirection to a real font.
That allows to temporarily substitute a missing font with a default font while keeping the original font name mentionned in the document.
Later on, in case the user gets the missing font, the doc can then be reopened with the real font.

Rq : Permanently substituted fonts dont appear anymore since their use have been totaly replaced.


2015-04-20 05:18

developer   ~0034954

Add hint bubbles at the top of the "Font substitute" dialog.
Ie : "Fonts listed with a green S (here include iconlet) are temporarily substitued fonts".


2015-04-20 16:42

manager   ~0034958

mmm... imo in the substition dialog there should be an option (radio button) "do not substitute" instead of marking the missing font with that funky S...


2015-04-20 16:46

manager   ~0034959

Last edited: 2015-04-20 16:46

This document contains some fonts... from loading.

Times New Roman  (o) Do not substitute ( ) [DejaVu Sans    |v]
Arial            (o) Do not substitute ( ) [DejaVu Sans    |v]

[ ] Make the choice permanent

... with a nice html table, with no headers.


2016-04-04 23:37


Font-Substitution-Dialog.png (51,317 bytes)   
Font-Substitution-Dialog.png (51,317 bytes)   


2016-04-04 23:38


Font-Substitution-note.png (34,478 bytes)   
Font-Substitution-note.png (34,478 bytes)   

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