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0011843ScribusOS-MacOSXpublic2016-04-04 23:33
ReporterKunda Assigned Tojghali  
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OS Version10.8.5 
Product Version1.4.3.svn 
Summary0011843: Fonts that don't exist in the system actually do
DescriptionThe fonts are in ~/Library/Fonts
I am prompted to substitute fonts that don't exist even though they clearly do.
See attachmed screenshots
Steps To Reproduce1 Run Scribus 1.4.3 on OSX 10.8.5 (should look for the fonts on-load)
2 Open a Newsletter template Textbased
3 Window prompts for missing fonts Bitstream Charter Bold Italic and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Roman
4 Upon inspection fonts show to exist and are even marked as so.
Additional InformationAnother bug report to be filed related to this in which after choosing the fonts and clicking the 'Make these substitutions permanent' check box does not retain it's permanence. After closing Scribus and reopening one is prompted yet again to substitute fonts that are already installed.
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related to 0010417 new Missing font is proposed to replace missing font 



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2013-11-19 16:50

administrator   ~0030856

Not a bug, fonts with the 'S' symbol are substitution fonts, ie fonts with the same name, but which use another font for display.


2013-11-19 17:53

updater   ~0030858

I see.
Thanks Jghali.
I wonder if it would be beneficial to mention that in the 'Font Substituion' dialog box somewhere. Make a little legend with symbols (such as a green 'S') or whatever else, that explains what this symbol means.
if a person does choose to use a substituted font, then in the dialog warning box that comes after pressing 'OK', it can mention something like: "You've chosen to use a substituted font in one of your selections. Note that if you've opted to make this change permanent it will not do so. Please download the correct fonts so as to resolve this issue."
I've been trying to assign the same fonts over and over again (over 2 dozen times or more) each time I go to open my project.


2013-11-19 18:17

administrator   ~0030860

This request is already the subject of 0010417.

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