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0010435ScribusUsabilitypublic2011-12-14 11:15
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Summary0010435: Add feature: Copy-Paste between Inkscape and Scribus
DescriptionNow, it is possible to select some items and copy-paste them from one document to another (which are opened in separated windows). It works between Inkscape-Inkscape and Scribus-Scribus. I would like to have this great feature between Scribus-Inkscape and Inkscape-Scribus too.
Additional InformationI am not sure, how difficult would be add this feature. Now, it probably works because part of the SVG or SLA document is copy-pasted as a normal text. As I suppose, SLA and SVG are not compatible, so Scribus would have to use SVG for items as a internal format. If yes, you can close this feature as no change required, because it would be difficult to add this feature.
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2011-12-13 17:29

administrator   ~0027359

Scribus <-> Inkscape will be very difficult, as Scribus can do things Inkscape can't and vice versa.


2011-12-14 08:26

reporter   ~0027360

I know there are differences but now it is functional somehow too.

For example if you would copy-paste from Inkscape to Scribus a rectangle with blur, Scribus would paste it as a rectangle without blur... just as it's now when you import some Inkscape SVG into Scribus.

The point is that I must import whole SVG. If Scribus has the feature of direct copy-paste, I would select only couple of objects and copy-paste... it is much more effective.


2011-12-14 11:15

updater   ~0027362

Last edited: 2011-12-14 11:15

In all world we have only few standard file formats to exchanging data between applications, like JPG or TIF for bitmaps, RTF or TXT fot text, MP3 or WAV for sound, AVI or MPEG for video and EPS for vectors. Dont expect that you will be able to open other files created in other applications with 100% guarantee of success. Same with exchanging data between applications via clipboard. Each application has each own data structure in clipboard.
We can made Scribus will read Inkscape files and clipboard data with all features (or almost all), same with other applications with open sources (GIMP, Krita, LibreOffice, even Blender), but for now we have to much to do with core features of Scribus.
Will be very nice if some developers join us and will work on growing Scribus features set - than maybe faster such things appears in Scribus.

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