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0010468ScribusGeneralpublic2016-05-01 14:11
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Summary0010468: "Lock object" option to Duplicate action, as a way to emulate editable parts in masterpages
Description1) As for locked status and copying we now have :
- When copying and pasting a locked object, the copy is locked.
- When doing a multiple copy (duplicating) an object, the copied objects loose the locked property of the original object.

2) Objects in masterpages can not be edited, neither in position, shape nor content.

3) we now have the very convenient ability to duplicate objects at the same position but across the following pages. To do so, one has to choose the "Heigth of page + 1.4111cm" vertical move (AFAIK. the 1.4111 value might be related to some preferences values). It emulates kind of editable masterpages objects.

So as to have better kind-of-masterpage-editable-object, it would be usefull to have a "keep locked status" option on duplicate object action dialog.


related to 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 



2011-12-29 22:49

developer   ~0027419

So as to keep the UI as simple as it is when no more is needed, this option could be proposed only when the original object itself is locked.


2012-01-18 15:05

developer   ~0027560

AMOF, rather than a "lock object", it would rather be a "keep locked status when object is locked" : it would thus be clear what happens when a group of locked and unlocked object is mutliple-copied.


2012-06-18 19:41

manager   ~0028193

jluc, i think that you should separate this request in specific request.

i agree that -- probably -- duplicating a locked item shouldn't unlock the copies created.

i don't understand the points 2 and 3, but i somehow have the feeling that it's another issue :-)


2012-07-06 06:24

manager   ~0028383

imo duplicate should not keep the locked status but multiple duplicate should.

when you create one duplicate you have to move or edit to make usable.

on the other hand, when you multiple duplicate an object, potentially over multiple pages, there are good chances that the items will have to be locked if they were originally locked.


2012-07-07 15:16

developer   ~0028396

'o Ale,

Points 2 and 3 in my report are not bugs, but part of the context and part of the explaination of why the requested feature is worth being coded. :-)


2012-07-07 16:25

developer   ~0028398

As for your later reply, yes, this "Lock option : yes / no" option was intended toward *multiple duplicate*.

As for single duplicate, since copied object at least has to be moved, i agree that locked state should not be copied.

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