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0010516ScribusScripterpublic2012-06-06 12:24 Assigned To 
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Product Version1.4.0 
Summary0010516: Importing OpenOffice ODT files using Scribus API
DescriptionThis is not really a bug but an important missing feature.

There is a way in Scribus to import an OpenOffice ODT file in a text
frame using GetText when a text frame is selected.

For some reason, I would like to automate the import of several
OpenOffice ODT files inside a scribus document using the Scribus API.
However, I didn't find any command in the API allowing me to do what the
GetText is doing.

Using the mailing list some months ago, several people told me this was a feature they would really be interested in.
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2012-06-06 10:12

reporter   ~0028099

As I said, I'm not the only one showing interest for that feature. A recent post on the forum:

Any plan for this? I was told on the mailing list this shouldn't be hard to code. ;-)


2012-06-06 12:24

manager   ~0028100

we are waiting for jain committing is work on script 2 to the trunk...

basically, extensions of the scripter API will go to 1.5svn and scripter 2...

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