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0010557ScribusUser Interfacepublic2018-09-25 11:24
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Summary0010557: New "page dimension" buttons for multiple copy dialog
DescriptionObjects in masterpages can not be edited, neither in position, shape nor content. By chance scribus do now feature the very convenient ability to duplicate objects at the same position but across the following pages. To do so, one has to use the "edit / multiple paste" command, choose "move" and choose the "Heigth of page + 1.4111cm" vertical move (AFAIK. the 1.4111 value might be related to some preferences values). It emulates kind of editable masterpages objects.

The request is to add a little button close to the height input : when clicked, that button would insert the "Heigth of page + 1.4111cm" value in the input. Of course, the correct 1.4111 value should be used, since i dont know if it is a constant or if it depends on settings.

The height button is by large the most usefull so as to emulate masterpage editable objects, but maybe other buttons would usefull for width of page and -90° and -90 ° rotation ?
Additional InformationThe joint JPG displays a proposed layout with added button.

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related to 0012734 new [PATCH] improved Duplicate feature 
related to 0015438 closedale Multiple duplicate on pages 



2012-01-31 14:21

manager   ~0027633

personally, i think that edit > duplicate and insert > frames should be merged...

really, what you is very similar to being able to use the currently selected item as a base for inserting the new frames following the rules already existing in "insert > frames"

probably, it will be necessary to adjust the way the settings are presented, but 99% of the features are already there...

the way you present of patching multiple duplicate is imo not the good direction... it's one possible workaround, but not the right one :-)


2012-01-31 22:07

developer   ~0027637

Could well be yes.

Using Insert>frames instead of Edit>duplicate
would require accepting all of selected object's properties as default properties for the inserted frames.

- new 'use selected item' option on type pane of Insert>frame dialog

- new 'use selected item position' option in 'frame position' column of 'position' tab. Selected by default when "use selected item' type is choosed.

- same for 'body size' tab (or just grey that tab out when 'selected item' type is selected)

- add 'use selected frame content' option to 'Options' pane.

Once 'use selected item' on 'type' pane is selected, all default values for other pane options should be set when possible to have an identic effect as 'multiple copy'.

HOWEVER : copying a frame is richer thant inserting a frame having same position, dimension, background and text content : all other properties should be copied too, like ... borders, contour flowaround shape, etc.
So there should be a 'use all selected frame properties' new option in the Option pane.


2013-07-12 17:34

developer   ~0030434

as GregP mentions it the 12/07/2013 : <<It's worth mentioning that the spinboxes can do calculations for you. For example, you might enter 100/2 + 5, or you might edit an existing value to add, subtract or otherwise manipulate it mathematically.>>

So an alternative solution to the request would be to enable to use document related constants in the calculations in the spinboxes of the multiple duplicate dialog : pageHeight, pageWidth... or PageYDistance (to include the verticale margin between 2 pages).


2014-07-07 16:05

developer   ~0032549

Last edited: 2014-07-07 16:18

Any comment on this proposal ?

AMOF the icons of the uploadedd JPG might be improved because they show the page heigth, and it would be bette if they show page heigth + vertical space between pages (this value defaults to 1.41111 cm but depends on the Display settings in Preferences)


2014-07-07 16:16


scribus multiple duplicate.JPG (55,477 bytes)   
scribus multiple duplicate.JPG (55,477 bytes)   

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