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0000106ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2008-02-08 20:25
ReporterplinnellAssigned Tofschmid  
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Summary0000106: Image Frame Resize issue
DescriptionFrom Fedora bug reporter
Additional Information:I created a new image frame by clicking on the toolbar icon and thenclicking on a spot in the window. I then tried to resize the frame butonly succeeded in changing the vertical dimension, not the horizontal.Further Debugging:I discovered that image frames have a notion of which edge/handle box ison the top, bottom, left, and right of the image. When I was grabbingthe handle on my frame, I was probably grabbing the top right handle andtrying to drag it to the top-left. So it got taller but didn't get anywider. If this is the case, I think image frames should not think ofthemselves as having specific handles at specific points on the frame. Instead, the handles should be able to "pivot" around their for image box:a--b| || |c--da=(0,0) b=(0,5) c=(5,0) d=(5,5)If I grab handle a and move it so that it is below and to the right ofhandle d, the box should resize like so:d--e| || |f--ad=(5,5) e=(5,10) f=(10,5) a=(10,10)The image in the frame would continue with the same orientation asbefore -- to me the frame is a viewport onto the picture.
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2004-01-03 18:03

viewer   ~0000120



2004-01-03 18:44

administrator   ~0000125

Partial fix.

Insert an image into OpenOffice Writer.
Resize frame to be a few cms wide/high
Drag top left of image past bottom right of image.
Frames old bottom/right is now resized frame's top left.

The way ID does this is when you flip past a border it also flips the image. Eg dragging top border past the bottom border makes the old bottom the new top border and then flips the image.


2004-01-03 18:44

administrator   ~0000126

Can be put down to a design decision but I think the StarOffice or ID method is more intuitive.


2004-01-03 22:22

viewer   ~0000129

I vote to close:

1. No data loss

2. Some programs work like Scribus: Word Pro, Word Pad. (Bad Choices I know) Corel DRaw, Quark 4 and 5 and Pagemaker 7

3. I do not see this is as a bug, but an enhancement.

Just my 0.02 - don't care really....


2004-01-04 22:48

administrator   ~0000133

Decision made to keep functionality for resizing frame as it is for now. The minor issue was fixed. If users start to request this to be changed to the other methods, then it can be done at a later date.


2004-01-04 22:48

administrator   ~0000134

Closed as per my last bugnote.

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