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0010635ScribusStylespublic2013-06-04 11:09
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Summary0010635: styles clean up
DescriptionWhen import styles form several documents it can happen that some of them remain ununsed. It could be interestign to have to button or command that could delete or mask the unused styles, as we can delete the unused colors. This could improve efficiency.
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duplicate of 0007095 new "remove unused" styles 
has duplicate 0011515 closedjghali remove and/or find unused character and paragraph styles 



2013-06-04 08:11

developer   ~0030236

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Yes this feature looks benign but it would be great, since when copying a frame from a doc to another or importing a page from a doc to another, scribus copies also all styles and rename with the "copy of" prefix, and many of them are not used.

Even it those feature get someday improved in (optionnaly ?) not importing unused styles, it would be nice to be able to clean all defined styles, not only beacause of scribus creating unused styles but also since design is often a trial and error process, and implies creating and testing lots of styles before finding the right one. Being able to clean the workspace and go on with a basic set of usefull choosen styles would be good.


2013-06-04 11:09

administrator   ~0030239

Duplicate of issue 0007095

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