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0010644ScribusUser Interfacepublic2012-03-29 06:31
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PlatformMac/IntelOSOS XOS Version10.6, 10.7
Product Version1.4.0 
Summary0010644: Folders dragged to left pane of Open and Save As dialogue box do not remain there
DescriptionWhen I am in either an Open or a Save As dialog box, I can drag folders into the left pane, but they will not stay there. Next time I invoke either an Open or Save As dialog box, the folders I placed in the left pane previously will be gone.
Steps To ReproduceDo either an Open or Save As, drag folders from the right pane to the left pane. Close dialog. Re-open, either using Open or Save As. The folder(s) you just placed in the left pane will no longer be visible in the left pane.
Additional InformationI am not supplying any files because this issue does not appear to be file-dependent.
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has duplicate 0011170 closedjghali File dialog doesn't keep list of folders in the "sidebar" 



2012-03-29 06:31

administrator   ~0027879

This is Qt issue :

Be aware file dialogs are handled almost entirely by Qt. We do not handle much of those dialog ourself.

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