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0010673ScribusUsabilitypublic2012-04-29 10:53
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Summary0010673: Select on multiple layer
DescriptionActually one can select only object on the selected layer. This is mainly the role of layers : separate things. But sometimes (quite often) we use layer to separate background frame from content frame. Doing so we often need to move both objects.
Actually we need to go on each layer and move each frame, trying the make an identical translation. It would be much easier if a modifier was provided to help select objects ignoring layer stack so that we can do simple manipulation on them.
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duplicate of 0008631 closedfschmid Select objects on any layer and more 



2012-04-13 11:15

manager   ~0027927

in vienna we should have a discussion on this:
- what are layers good for?
- how should they get activated?
- locked?
- use cases?


2012-04-14 06:56

administrator   ~0027932

In 1.5.0svn you can select objects on different layers with the Outline Palette, just do a CTRL-Click on the objects.


2012-04-14 08:26

manager   ~0027933

franz, i guess that cedric was thinking about being able to select them on canvas.

there was an interesting thread about layers in the mailing list and one of the issues was that layers are "too protective".

iirc, people were expressing the wish to be able to just select any item, independently of the layer they're on (locking layers would then make the items not selectable, reintroducing the protection we currently have).

is it doable?


2012-04-15 19:44

developer   ~0027939

yes ale is right. I didn't know we could select it from outline palette. But this is not very efficient. Generally, we have so many frames in a layout (even a page) that we don't name them (unless we need interaction but it's not really common). So it's hard to select something without knowing where to click exactly because you ignore its name. I guess that if it's feasible in Outline Palette, it would be possible on canvas too, and that would be much easier and productive.


2012-04-15 20:46

developer   ~0027940

hum, coming back on this. Since we have a lock button in the layer dialog, i guess the default behavior should be select object without consideration to layer unless it is locked (see inkscape)


2012-04-17 09:51

manager   ~0027945

the issue is not resolved: changes ARE required to address what cedric (together with other people on the ML) is suggesting.


2012-04-17 12:45

administrator   ~0027946

Sorry but this is in fact a duplicate of 0008631.

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