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0010674ScribusPDFpublic2020-07-19 12:44
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Summary0010674: Style based bookmarks
Descriptionuser often need to add bookmark to some part of text. Using frame to do that is not convenient because when one modify the text, it often happen the bookmark annotation is not right placed anymore. On simple document it can be OK, but on longer document, on which bookmarks are the most usefull, it will be very long to proofread only for bookmark position.
Since styles can be applied to text, bookmark could be applied this way. We could have some checkbox in the style editing saying "is indexed", "is bookmarked" or so. An indicator could give access to a setting window. When no setting editing is done bookmark=text content.
this could be done for both para and car styles
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related to 0016166 new In the scripter, allow pdf bookmarks to be set for a page and/or multiple bookmarks per text frame 
child of 0003207 acknowledged Metabug: PDF Bookmarks 



2012-04-13 11:13

manager   ~0027926

the same should apply for links...


2012-04-18 16:01

developer   ~0027954

that's a topic for the braimstorm workshop :)


2020-07-19 12:44

manager   ~0047848

would it be enough to have a style based table of contents that correctly sets the bookmarks?

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