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0010703ScribusImport / Exportpublic2015-03-03 19:37
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Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0010703: Enhancement Request: Import Graphics via HTTP or URI/URL
DescriptionCurrently, importing graphics requires the file to be on the local hard drive. It would be desirable to be able to import a graphic using a URI, so sticking in a link such as

would cause the file to be fetched and instantiated locally in a temporary "cache" directory.

This type of remote resolution of documents is a feature utilized in Arbortext Editor -- an industry leading native XML editor.

The reason why this feature is desirable is that you can manage your binary resources in a digital asset management ("DAM")akin to ResourceSpace ( or Subversion and then access your content via URLs knowing that you will have the current high watermark.

The feature might have a permanent cache that could be used if the URI fails to load at the outset, an appropriate warning would be given to the user and whether cached images should be used in the event the original cannot be resolved a setting. The setting could have these states: 1) do not use cache, 2) use cache, but warn (maybe use a transparent overlay warning?), 3) use cache for the current session only if URI cannot be resolved.

Basically the "File -- Import -- Get Image" dialog would be modified to accept URIs in addition to local path.

Additional InformationI'd try this myself, but I'm not conversant with C++.
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2012-05-08 11:13

manager   ~0027991

if you can program in other languages, we can help you getting into c++ and qt...

most of the scribus is written in high level code (mostly thanks to Qt) and it's not that hard to add new behaviors by looking at existing code or even copy-pasting chunks... you just need a bit of phantasy :-)


2012-05-15 15:58

developer   ~0028005

Arbortext may be but no other DTP software. How ca we manage having 50Mb pictures on each page of a 100 pages documents. This would need 5000Mb of network instant access. That's a reason why we collect and work on collected files. And then what about if you need to change the resolution of retouch the picture ?
My proposal, easier, would be to make the user write the URL, have the picture downloaded locally with an attribute that could store the original url to make it possible to automatically reload the original picture. I guess this can easily be done in python with urllib and scribus module
Would that fit ?


2012-05-15 16:12

reporter   ~0028006

I do not know what "DTP" means.

The choice of incurring large network charges ought to be left to the user. If sluggishness arises from trying to have, as you suggest, 50Mb of pictures on each page in a 100 page document (which would be 5 GB, not 500MB), then the user might want to adopt the current paradigm of having local files and the user be responsible for keeping the local copies current with a repository.

In a month I should have more free time and I'll investigate ale's suggestion/invitation at taking a look at the code to see if it's something I might alter.

Thank you for the replies.


2012-05-19 21:10

developer   ~0028018

"The choice of incurring large network charges ought to be left to the user"



2014-07-25 05:19

updater   ~0032983

Implemented in GIMP, this is a useful feature. bumping to 1.7 milestone


2015-03-03 17:35

updater   ~0034634

Should I merge this in to Download/Resource Manager category ?


2015-03-03 19:37

administrator   ~0034636

Kunda.. not really, it doesn't fit within resource manager or download stuff, it should just work from the dialogs.

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