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0010714ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2015-02-02 09:39
ReporterGarryP Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.6.8
Product Version1.4.5 
Summary0010714: Differentiation between default gradient color stops and user added ones
DescriptionWhen in the Colors tab of the Properties window, after selecting a gradient fill (e.g. Horizontal Gradient), and then adding a color stop, it is sometimes not possible to remove a stop by dragging it down. The mouse cursor doesn't always change to the "arrow-minus" cursor but instead changes to the normal arrow cursor.
After some experimentation I think this may just be the normal/expected state for the two default color stops that need to always exist but there's no way that I personally can tell the default color stops from the user added ones.
Would it be a huge chore to differentiate the default stops from the added ones in some small way? (A different color, or a little mark or something?)
It's not a problem once you figure it out but it could put some people off using that function if they think it's a bug. If you don't use that feature very much (like me) it might look a bit "wrong" and confusing.
Steps To ReproduceCreate new document.
Add any shape.
Select "Colors" tab in "Properties" window.
Select "Fill" icon.
Select "Horizontal Gradient" (or any other gradient-type).
Manually add a color stop.
Try and remove one of the color stops not manually added.
Additional InformationWith Scribus Version 1.4.1, 30 April 2012, Build ID: C-C-T-F-C1.12.0-Mac/Aqua, Using Ghostscript version 8.71.
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2013-08-18 12:29

updater   ~0030525

in scribus 1.4.3 it's not a difference between the user added and the default color stops – it's always the one on the leftmost and on the rightmost position. even if they are set by the user.
imho there's no need to differentiate the first and the last stop in a gradien from the ones between them.
the best behavior would be, when all color stops would be fully capable for editing (incl. removing) as long as there are more than two of them…


2013-08-18 13:11

developer   ~0030526

This isn't quite correct, yet. See the discussion at,1058.0.html
(I agree with utnik that all stops should be removable until only two are left. That makes most sense to me.)


2015-02-02 09:39

developer   ~0034423

Issue has been replicated in 1.4.5. (Changed product version number in ticket as appropriate.)

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