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0010824ScribusUser Interfacepublic2014-09-18 22:16
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Summary0010824: there is odd terminology in setting the Zoom Stepping
DescriptionIn Preferences > Tools > Zoom, the setting Stepping is in percent, default being 200%.
1. It's not really a step upward of 200%, it's a step of 100%
2. Even so, this might make some sense for going up, but not going down. You reduce the zoom, for example, from 100% to 50%, which is a 50% reduction, or 50% of the previous value.

My suggestion would be to change this to a Factor, with the default being 2.00. You might go up or down by a factor of 2 and it makes sense then.
This doesn't require a change in the zoom meter on the canvas, which can still read percentages.
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related to 0004235 new More options for the page viewing and zooming 
related to 0012195 new [PATCH] more progressive unzoom when < 100% 


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