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0004235ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-03-30 22:48
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Product Version1.3.3.3 
Summary0004235: More options for the page viewing and zooming
Description1. On the bottom of the screen there is the possibility to change the view (see picturre). The one I uses the most is «Fit to window», but it is only available as a short cut or in the menue. It would be great if this were also available at the icon 1:1 as a right click menue. Then I could choose other views than 1:1 (which makes me having to scroll all the time on my screen) or the + or -buttons with the mouse also.

2. I also would have liked a new viewing option: Best fit. This is available in What it does is give me a even narrower view than «Fit to window». Just as much as will fit on the screen from the page, not a bit background shown. This makes what I want to work with as big as possible but still makes me able to see the page as a whole. Now I uses the percentage as a short cut for this, but with the mentioned menue (se 1) this could be accomplished even faster :-)

3. A third wish :-): When I zoom, the place beeing viewed is not the same as I had before i magnified (sometimes not even one small part of it is the same). I want the place that is in the center of the screen to stay in the center also after I have chosen zoom out/in. That way I will know what will be shown when I zoom in. Perhaps even the possibility to mark an area with the mouse and then choose magnify (zoom in *the chosen* area).

4. A fourth wish: Imagemagick has this great tool: When it wieves an image you will get a small picture of the whole picture, and by moving a frame on it you will change wich part of it is viewed on the screen. I imagine that this would only apply to the chosen page (or chosen two pages if you have chosen double page view etc). Then moving around in very high mangifications will be a lot easier :-)


related to 0010824 new there is odd terminology in setting the Zoom Stepping 
related to 0012195 new [PATCH] more progressive unzoom when < 100% 


2006-09-08 22:00


diplay-options.png (1,810 bytes)   
diplay-options.png (1,810 bytes)   


2006-09-08 22:05

reporter   ~0012470

I forgot to mention: OOo also cuts of the white margin parts at each side. This would perhaps be difficult to accomplish? But it would still be useful even if just the page, and nothing more, would be viewed.


2006-09-15 20:13

reporter   ~0012530

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One more issue: When I use PageUp/PageDown I expect the next page to be (focused and) viewed, but by me this just moves the viewing down one little bit.
I hope this is already fixed. If not, I vote for it :-)
BTW: I see I have to unfocus all frames to be able to use pageup/pagedown. I am not sure this is so intuitive ... Perhaps pageup/pagedown could move the focus *and* the viewing to the next page? (or it could be able to choose the behavior: Move focus with viewing on/off?)

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