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0010906ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2012-07-25 18:15
Reporterale Assigned ToChelen  
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0010906: when creating an image frame a click should create it at the image size
Descriptioncurrently when you insert an image frame and don't drag the mouse, a dialog pops up asking for the size.

this is imo rather useless (never used it... always press ESC and than draw correctly the frame).

we should add a frame of the size the image at its defined dpi.

it would be probably good to have a similar mechanism for text frames, too. i would suggest to take the width defined but the surrounding guides (or margins) and the height down to the bottom margin and up to the next guide (or the top margin, but i tend to prefer the next guide above the cursor...)
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2012-07-19 08:48

manager   ~0028515

... chelen is using the 100x100 size...

could it be a setting in the preference (custom size or image size...)


2012-07-24 19:48

developer   ~0028594

Finally, is it a good idea to change this fuctionnality?


2012-07-25 07:52

manager   ~0028598

i'm attaching a screenshot of the way i would like to have it...

i don't mind if the default stays as it is now (even if i would prefer to use the image size as a default...)

chelen, if you work on this, you could also have a look at 0010759 ... probably it's in the same file :-)


2012-07-25 07:52


frame_image_defaultsize.png (91,760 bytes)   
frame_image_defaultsize.png (91,760 bytes)   


2012-07-25 15:16

developer   ~0028623

So we should totaly remove the current behaviour? not available in the preference?
I can do this if other people agree


2012-07-25 18:15

developer   ~0028628

i would say we should have 3 options :
- image size
- this exact size w x h
- ask (display the window)

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