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0010932ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2012-07-26 03:26
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Product Version1.4.1 
Summary0010932: Text frame direct formating removal
DescriptionWhen a text frame has direct formating apply and the text inside has a paragraph style and some character styles applied and you want to remove the "direct formating" you can click the remove direct formating button beside the paragraph style while frame is selected. This should just remove any manual formatting that is applied just to the frame, but it also removes all formatting that has been applied while editing the text. (except for paragraph styles).

There should be a way to clear just text frame attributes.
Paragraph styles and character style should always be perserved unless the text is selected and "no style" is applied. (possibly text frame selected and "no style" applied)
Currently it is too easy to mess up all formating by formating being accedently applied to text frame
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2012-07-24 04:27

manager   ~0028586

this is what happens when you select the whole text (not the text frame, the whole text) and wipe the character formatting.

it should also work when the frame is selected.


2012-07-24 16:49

reporter   ~0028589

That is good to understand that selecting the text frame is the same as selecting the whole of the article.

But when the direct formating is cleared it still should not clear character style instances, unless you specificly select in the character dropdown "no style". Character styles need to be perserved justlike paragraph styles are currently handled.


2012-07-24 17:10

manager   ~0028590

kentonr, i don't understand your remark...

if you wipe the formatting with the broom near the character style it wipes the local formatting but keeps the character styles.

or does it not happen that way?

i fully agree that this a place where there is tremendous place for improvements, but it seems to me that the raw functionality is there...

or not?


2012-07-24 19:25

reporter   ~0028592

Well this is what happens when I use the broom icons. I create a text frame, add sample text, create a paragraph style (smaller font size and line hight) and a character style (bold). I then apply that paragraph style to one paragraph and the character style to some words throughout the text. Then make some direct formating (bold) to other words in the text.

With the text frame selected (not editting), I can click the broom beside the charater style dropbox and nothing happens. Then I can click the broom beside the paragraph style bropbox which results in the direct formatting (bold) and the character style applications are all removed. Only the paragraph style application remains.

It should be that the character style application remain too.


2012-07-25 07:17

manager   ~0028596

kentonr, as i wrote in my first note, you have to select the whole text (not the frame: you have to be in edit mode!) to get the the broom near the character style to work.

as written above, this is probably an error. it should work also when the frame is selected.

on the other side, in the current scribus logic, it's correct that every character formatting gets wiped when you click on the broom next to the paragraph style.

imo, we need a new logic for the way formatting are applied to text, but this can't be changed in the short term.

we need somebody spending a couple of days analyzing what the needs of the scribus users are and how scribus should behave in each (corner) case.


2012-07-25 15:44

reporter   ~0028625

Last edited: 2012-07-26 03:26

As i see There needs to be a distinction between character styles and direct character formating. The character style instanes need to be perserved unless seleced "no style"

I did try the difference between the selected text (editing) and the broom does remove character fomatting. Where as the frame does nothing.

I know that this might not be a simple fix to correct the logic on the paragraph "broom" to allow the character styles to be preserved, but if it can be considered in future development that would be great.

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