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0010973ScribusUser Interfacepublic2015-08-07 10:26
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Summary0010973: small GUI improvements of Annotation Properties dialog
Descriptionsmall GUI improvements of Annotation Properties dialog
Additional InformationThis report is related to the discussion in Google+


related to 0009486 assignedchristoph_s PDF options are lacking tooltips 



2012-07-30 12:31


Annotation_properties.png (196,289 bytes)   
Annotation_properties.png (196,289 bytes)   


2012-07-30 14:51

manager   ~0028691

avoiding the dropdown is generally speaking a good idea.
(i mean, there are lot of other cases where we should use a radio button or, as you show it here, tabs with icons)

can you try to (re)create and upload the .ui files which can be used for patching this dialog?


2012-07-30 20:26

reporter   ~0028693

Yes, for example Properties pallette (X,Y,Z, Shape, Group...)

I am able to draw this in QT Designer but it will need some changes before patching anyway.


2012-07-31 07:37

manager   ~0028696

as you know the properties palette is being redesigned :-)

and afaict, the changes your suggesting in your screenshot don't need any big patching, just some rewiring of connections...
(well, and since the current dialog is not using a ui file, we will have to make it use it...)


2015-08-02 19:23

updater   ~0035958

a proof of concept would be nice for this


2015-08-03 13:17

updater   ~0035961

Firash, can the proposed menu be done in QtDesigner ?


2015-08-07 10:26

reporter   ~0035974

As it should reduce the time and the space of design, so I prefer to put small arrow to identify the buttons which have been choose so you can know what item frequently has been choose.

Also it can be improved by using inform box to make sure of all chooses are correct or not!

Thank you.

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