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0011025ScribusImport / Exportpublic2012-08-09 15:03
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Summary0011025: Better 1 bit PDF generation
DescriptionIn current Scribus if you import a 1 bit TIFF (or PNG) image and then generate a PDF, it will contain a four color image. The image's C, M and Y components are 0 and the K component has whatever the original image had.

What it should do is to generate a PDF with a 1-bit image in it. PDF has native support for these kinds of images so Scribus should create them whenever possible.

At least Indesign does this by default.
Additional Information1 bit images are especially important when publishing comics. This is the surest (only?) way to ensure that linework goes directly to the printing plate without going through rasterization. It is very common to have 600 or even 1200 PPI line art images combined with 300 PPI or so colors.

Moreover, when right-clicking on a 1-bit image and selecting image info, it should display color space as "monochrome" or "1-bit". Currently it shows "RGB".

PDF has native support for grayscale images, so those should be generated properly as well. Currently they are not (they are converted to CMYK images like 1-bit ones).
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duplicate of 0003540 confirmed Support explicit greyscale colour space 



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Duplicate of issue 0003540

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