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0011035ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-11-24 20:21
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Product Version1.4.1 
Summary0011035: Accident to edit an invisible layer
DescriptionI edit English and German version in one document

I have for this several layers

At switching between German and English Layers, mistakes can happen.

In the F6 layers box is to check what layers are visible and what layer has the focus to select frames.

At switching around, it can happen, and happened several times to me, that

* I have selected the German layer,
* I uncheck display visible German
* I check display visible English
* I start to change something

But the selected frame is on the German layer, I forgot to change also layer focus.
So I change by accident something on the German layer, while I think I am on the English layer

Please for this accidents a warning message

"You just try to edit, something You do not see"

or when in the F6 layers box is something changed, the selected frames are deselected to avoid accidents like this

or selected frames are deselected when in the F6 layers box, the layer of the frame is unchecked at "display"
Steps To ReproduceMake a document with layers
Place a text frame in the German layer
Place a text frame in the English layer
F6 layers box uncheck display English layer, check display German layer
Select German layer
Select text frame on German layer
Place curosr in the text
F6 layers box uncheck display German layer, check display English layer
Write something
You have just changed the invisible German layer
uncheck display German layer
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2012-08-17 08:51

manager   ~0028828

since i'm mostly against warning messages, here is my counter proposal:
- if there is only one layer it's not possible to make it invisible
- you can't make the current layer invisible (you have to first switch to a visible layer or scribus will automatically switch to the next visible layer... any of both behaviors are fine to me)
- you can't make all layers invisible
- you can't "activate" an in invisible layer
- you should still be able to edit the properties of an invisible layer (printable? locked? name? delete it? duplicate it? move it up and and down?)

and if somebody starts to work on this, it should be nice to replace the current container and allow a reordering by dragging the layer instead of using the arrow buttons.

finally, the dropdown in the status bar does not show the invisible layers.

and yes, in any case, when you switch layer the current frame (if any) should be deselected (if possible, without breaking the click through layers fonctionality)


2012-08-17 18:05

updater   ~0028829

making the layers palette more productive is even more complicated:

- if it's no more possible to keep a selection from an invisible layer active, at least moving a selection across invisible layers to the target layer should be possible. (actually it's possible to move the selection to the invisible layer and moving it further up or down in the next step…)

- imho the best would be a 'selection mark' in the layers palette which could be dragged to the target layer. (this is a good feature of illustrator…)


2012-08-18 15:00

manager   ~0028832

/me is wondering why you are selecting an item on an invisible layer...

if you really want to move items on a hidden layer, without making the layer visible, you can always do it with the outline palette...
(as it is implemented in 1.5svn)


2012-08-18 15:20

updater   ~0028834

i'm talking about moving objects across invisible layers (moving a selection from visible layer_1 to visible layer_4, even if layers 2+3 are invisible…)
in 1.5 it already works – i didn't try before, sorry! (so far, the only task i used 1.5 was the export of pdf/x-1a files…)


2016-05-23 14:31

updater   ~0041347

utnik, if it's not an inconvenience, please retest this ticket and see if it's still reproducible, especially in 1.5.x
Also if you can upload an SLA for us quickly test + bonus a screenshot/cast of the process. Whatever you can do would be great. Thanks!


2016-05-29 16:50

updater   ~0041551

scribus 1.5.3svn r21349 / osX 10.11.5:
i'm not ableto write in a text frame of an invisible layer – but i can edit selected objects on invisible layers (i.e. change colors or fonts…)


2016-05-29 18:52

developer   ~0041553

utnik : How do you select these invisible objects (so you can change their properties) ?


2016-05-29 19:02

updater   ~0041554

i select the objects before i switch the visibility off (see the description in the original bug report…)


2016-05-29 19:35

developer   ~0041557

IMO, changing the selected layer should unselect all previously selected items.


2016-05-29 19:45

updater   ~0041558

i didn't select another layer. i unchecked the visibility, but kept the selection – that's what founder describes in his report.


2016-05-29 21:07

developer   ~0041559

Well then : unchecking the visibility should unselect the layer in case it is selected, and should also unselect all part-of-non-visible-layer selected items in case some are selected...

And it should not be possible to select an non-visible layer...

Any issue with that ?

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