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0011087ScribusGeneralpublic2016-12-16 21:26
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Product Version1.5.0 
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Summary0011087: Movement direction constraint should be activated before movement
DescriptionScribus has this useful feature since 1.3.4, I think: constraining movement of an object in strictly horizontal/vertical direction. But there's one thing that's wrong with it.

You need to press Ctrl key *after* you start moving the object. This kinda kills the fun, because since you want to use this feature, it means, you only really care about one dimension.

But if you start moving the object and then press Ctrl, unless you are a robot, you just screw up the positioning. So e.g. if you want to shift the object just horizontally, in most cases you accidentally change vertical positioning before the constraint takes action.

If you check e.g. Inkscape, the same constraint, that's also activated by pressing Ctrl, goes into action before you start moving the object.
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2012-09-22 06:54

manager   ~0028962

ctrl-click allows you to select items below the top one... so you will have to propose an alternative shortcut for it, before your wish can be exhausted...

and while it's true that the ctrl-move has to be activated after the item has been moved, it will use the original position (where the move started) as a reference.

there is a bug in the constrained move -- that's true-- but you don't need to be a robot to be able to use it...


2016-05-25 10:52

developer   ~0041415

Tested Ubuntu 16.04; r21350; 1.5.3svn

I think this is not a bug.

Correct order:

- Click the object -- left button must be held down
- Down CTRL button
- Move object

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