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0011093Contributor BuildsGeneralpublic2012-10-03 05:19
ReporterJLuc Assigned Tocezaryece  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0011093: ECE14 bad layout
DescriptionLayout with scribusECE14 is sometime very different to scribus's layout, and sometime it is bad in itself.

Example SLA displays sample problem at the end of frame column. Same problem might happen when there is another frame on top of text frame and the text has to flow around.
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2012-09-23 20:42


ECE bug fin de frame.sla (33,906 bytes)


2012-09-23 20:43


bad layout ece14.png (32,303 bytes)   
bad layout ece14.png (32,303 bytes)   


2012-09-27 14:53


different layout.sla (11,067 bytes)


2012-09-27 14:54


different layout.png (44,858 bytes)   
different layout.png (44,858 bytes)   


2012-09-27 14:56

updater   ~0028988

I uploaded another SLA + screen capture showing how ECE14's layout is different to normal 1.4 one.
In the screen capture : left is ECE14 and right is normal_1.4
Scribus ECE doesnt cut the word at the same place + does not add the - when cuting. (maybe "not adding the -" enables to cut at a more forward place !)


2012-10-03 05:19

developer   ~0029011

I think it can be effect of last changes in SVN for language settings and is related to 0011072.

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