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0011096ScribusLanguage Toolspublic2012-09-26 19:05
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Product Version1.4.1 
Summary0011096: Problem with hyphenate text in spanish
DescriptionI am working with Scribus for a long time. The history from Madrid magazine "La Gatera de la Villa" is made with Scribus. With version 1.3.x I could hyphenate text in spanish but with version 1.4.x it hyphenate wrong.
Steps To Reproducehyphenate text in spanish
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2012-09-25 13:15


guiones.png (65,306 bytes)   
guiones.png (65,306 bytes)   


2012-09-25 21:29

administrator   ~0028974

Please provide sample document which shows the issue, i cannot reproduce here.


2012-09-26 08:58


ejemploGuiones.sla (140,206 bytes)


2012-09-26 08:59

reporter   ~0028978

  I uploaded a sample document. The language to hyphenate is in spanish


2012-09-26 19:05

administrator   ~0028979

In 1.4.x, use of hyphenation requires proper use of language property in paragraph and/or character styles. In the case, almost all styles have their language set to English. Set the default character style language to Spanish (the language will propagate using the style inheritance), then hyphenation works.

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