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0011099ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-12-29 07:25
Reportercezaryece Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011099: in 1.5 and in 1.4 - selection of text got opacity from text frame value
DescriptionIn result if text frame has low opacity then selection of text is also hardly visible.



2012-10-02 05:58

manager   ~0029008

my question is: what does the user mostly want?

in my eyes, the "normal" use case is to change the opacity of the background (and eventually the border) but keep the opacity of the text at 100%.

personally, i think that this is the workflow that scribus should support by default. if the user wants a different behavior, he should create two items: a text frame and a shape behind it, where he can individually control the opacity.

when importing old documents, scribus will have to create the background shape to keep for compatibility reasons.


2012-10-03 05:16

developer   ~0029010

I agree, but report is about blue mark of selected text.
Text with low opacity is not a common use case, but sometimes can be used (for "watermarks" for example) and selecting it can be hard, as selection also has same low opacity.
In fact I was reporting that only to focusing on fact, that opacity of brush and pen is not saved and not restored by ScPainter. IMO should be.


2012-10-03 06:32

manager   ~0029014

ah, ooops... i'll open another ticket, for my request...


2016-12-13 18:50

updater   ~0042961

Hey @PeterBenedek I don't think I can reproduce the original issue.
Here is how I reproduced:
1) Create text box
2) add sample text
3) Highlight sample text
4) Text Palette > Colors & Effects > Black > Change Saturation to 10%
Result: Opacity should change
5) Highlight text
Result: I don't see that the selected/highlighted text color has changed when I've highlighted it.


2016-12-17 18:22

developer   ~0043091

Test: r21654

It seems, I can't reproduce this.


2016-12-17 21:27

updater   ~0043093

@ale when you have a moment, please weigh in on this ticket. Thanks!


2016-12-18 15:45

manager   ~0043097

the problem is still there.


2016-12-18 16:03

administrator   ~0043098

Looks fine to me, see screenshot


2016-12-19 10:24


opacity-selection.png (13,462 bytes)
opacity-selection.png (13,462 bytes)


2016-12-19 10:26

manager   ~0043103

this is what i see on mac with 1.5.2.

not really usable.

it matches what i saw on linux, with a somehow current 1.5.3...


2016-12-19 22:32

administrator   ~0043108

Why are you testing with 1.5.2? you need to test with the 1.5.3.svn snapshots.


2016-12-20 00:07

updater   ~0043109

@ale please test with osx nightly:


2016-12-20 13:02

manager   ~0043110

with the trunk there is an "ugly" box around each letter (at least on mac, i guess also on linux iirc).

once that box is not there anymore, the highlighting would be very very light..

and i hope that the box won't stick...


2016-12-26 23:11

updater   ~0043206

@ale screenshot of what you are reporting in 0011099:0043110 please?


2016-12-28 08:47



2016-12-28 08:47

manager   ~0043227

et voilĂ !


2016-12-28 13:08

updater   ~0043236

@ale thanks. Can you please write a step-by-step way to reproduce. I can't seem to be able to so perhaps I missing something.


2016-12-29 07:25

manager   ~0043249

@kunda, this is a ticket about opacity... just pull down the frame's opacity and you'll see it :-)

(and, no, color saturation has little or nothing to do with opacity. you have to go to the transparency tab!)

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