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0011106ScribusGeneralpublic2016-12-08 22:04
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Summary0011106: PDF toolbar disabled when in masterpage edit mode
Descriptionas josé antonio posted to the mailing list:

PDF links works on master pages, although PDF buttons are greyed in "edit
master page" mode.

So, we can draw buttons in normal pages and transform it in master page.

Thus, we can make PDF buttons with Javascript code "this.pageNum++;" and
"this.pageNum--"; to build fancy eBooks.

so one of two:
- it should not be possible to put PDF forms on the masterpage or
- the toolbar should be active while in MP edit mode.
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2014-07-13 14:23

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Was this resolved with fix to r19335? (0012485: Don't allow EPS/PDF export in master page edit mode)
Because the PDF Form toolbar is in fact greyed out in MP mode AFAICT except for the ability to:
+ Toolbar (icon with 2 footsteps): Make a link annotation
+ Dropdown Item > PDF Options > Is PDF Annotation
+ Dropdown Item > PDF Options > Is PDF Bookmark

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