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Summary0011129: image browser: support for libreoffice openclipart collections
DescriptionKubuntu comes with openclipart and openclipart 2 collections prepared for libreoffice. It would be neat if one could use this collections for scribus as well.
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related to 0001263 assignedsubik OpenClipArt Integration 
related to 0012792 assignedfschmid Support for Illustrator resources (ex. gradients and symbols) 
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2012-10-25 08:41

manager   ~0029096

i had a look at the openclipart2 content and at how scribus is managing collections.

- openclipart2 is simply a directory filled of subdirectories with PNGs and/or SVGs
- scribus can't mass import a directory as a collection
- scribus can't point to a directory and use it as a collection
- scribus image collections files (SIC) have absolute paths pointing to the images
- SIC files are simple xml files

i see several ways to implement an openclipart (and generally speaking an external cliparts):
- create a script that can read a directory and create a SIC file listing all the image files in that directory.
- add a mass import button to the picture browser.
- extend the SIC file format to allow pointing to directories instead of list of files.
- distribute SIC files pointing to the openclipart pictures (like libreoffice is doing)

personally, i would go for the script...


2014-06-04 16:11

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0001263 OpenClipArt Integration


2015-02-17 20:28

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