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0001263ScribusDownload Managerpublic2015-02-17 20:26
Reporterdave Assigned Tosubik  
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0001263: OpenClipArt Integration
DescriptionA templates like browser for the OpenClipArt repository would be neat. Many other commercial low end DTP applications and even office applications have this kind of feature, and now that a creative commons archive is growing it make a lot of sense to support it. Photography and typographic archives could follow, as more and more becomes part of the Creative Commons. Either live browsing of thumbnails or downloading the whole archve as per OCA work fine. I only just looked at OCA, but imagine it will quickly be integrated with the various distributions package management systems if it is not already :)
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related to 0012792 assignedfschmid Support for Illustrator resources (ex. gradients and symbols) 
related to 0011129 new image browser: support for libreoffice openclipart collections 
related to 0012686 new Opensurfaces - a large database of annotated surfaces 



2005-08-11 09:03

developer   ~0006042

there is python openclipart browser available at

didnt test it, just found it ;-)


2005-08-11 15:18

manager   ~0006056

I know about it. I would like to integrate it into package


2005-09-04 20:05

manager   ~0006393

some OCAL discussion I've started:


2005-09-04 20:49

administrator   ~0006395

Franz is rewriting the scrapbook, and it will be able to contain files, and probably URLs, I suggested OpenClipart integration within the new "scrapbook"...


2009-08-17 00:15

reporter   ~0022355

If possible, it could be useful to have some (50) selected graphics offline available. So if no internet connection is available, the user is able to browse those 50 things and maybe use one or two of them.


2010-04-21 04:05

administrator   ~0023738

I suggest to add OpenClipart integration to the new Picture Browser.


2014-09-12 10:57

manager   ~0033644

i would prefer an openclipart tool that can interact with scribus by drag and drop...


2015-02-17 19:13

reporter   ~0034527

We are talking about in the #scribus chat channel now and how to add into the new Resource Manager that MrB just (last night) committed.

We started looking at the Openclipart api to see where oursystem might tie-in.

Check it out!


2015-02-17 20:26

updater   ~0034529

Changed Category to 'Download Manager'

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