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Summary0011137: Imposition
DescriptionSince Foske is working on this and all the previous "good" tickets on imposition seem to have been closed as "won't implement", I'm creating this ticket and attach to it all specific requests that are still around.
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related to 0001113 assigned Small document size repeated on larger paper 



2022-01-22 19:03

reporter   ~0049490

Please add imposition abilities at least for single page documents!
I found some thought in Scribus Wiki about it:

>>>>Imposition by including Scribus pages in PageItems
This approach would be the most flexible. It could be done either as post-processing step or possibly in the document its self. It'd permit an imposition to include custom elements like registration marks, colour bars, etc set up to the exact specs of the printer by placing them on the page as normal objects. These could be generated by a script, provided in a scrapbook, etc. Additionally, imposition would be very flexible as it'd use the full facilities of the scribus page layout and PageItem transformation. Being able to pull in a document as a frame would be very useful for other things too, including:

"Master Document" support
Pulling in external ads into a page (though this is easily done with EPS, and with PDF-in-PDF embedding when supported, using .sla gives maximum flexiblity at output time)
Such an imposition would need to be able to be done as some sort of template, where you design the first page and subsequent pages are done the same but with increasing sequence numbers, page numbers of included pages, etc. Some way would be required to specify how the page numbers to include were to increment.

This approach has a lot in common with using an EPS or PDF in a PageItem, as discussed above.

This could be done two signficantly different ways:

Create a second document for the imposition, and "link" pages from the first document into PageItems like you do an EPS/PDF. Needs the ability for a PageItem to reference/link to a page in an external document.
Create special "imposition pages" inside the original document, probably working somewhat like page templates. This could get rather complicated when considering automatic generation of the individual pages against a template (as large documents will need) vs hand imposition of each page as might be desired for booklets, etc. Needs the ability for a PageItem to "reference" another page in a document.<<<

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