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Summary0001113: Small document size repeated on larger paper
Descriptione.g. for postcards, address labels, etc.

If a publication is small, it is often efficient to print more than one on a single sheet. Although the items can simply be copied and pasted as a workaround, this has the disadvantage that an edit must be performed on all of them.

To allow for trimming, it is useful to leave some space between the copies, or a border round the edge of the design.

Not all printers have perfect duplex functions. As these publications will be guillotined, this needs to be corrected. One side could be given an extra margin, to absorb the difference. Also, an offset could be given to help the two sides line up.
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2009-05-15 06:43

reporter   ~0021733

I will add that at the "new document" doesn't take into aqccount the fact that USA Avery (and similar) forms usually have rows and columns of the same repeated thing, although sometimes I want to have different content on some labels to save pages.

for instance, Avery 8160 address labels are 10 rowsx3 cols of inkjet labels, 0.15" horizontal gap, 0" vertical gap, top and bottom margins of 0.5" and left margin of 0.15", right margin of 0.25".

Jim Michaels

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