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Summary0000083: Booklet functionality
DescriptionRobert wanted a way of converting 4 page to 1 larger page, eg A4 x4 to A3, or double sided.
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2004-01-08 21:17

administrator   ~0000153

Moved from bug 0000124. Note from DeeJay1.

Easy printing of booklets in Scribus would be nice. Propably it's needed to do such things:
1. count the pages 2. if number of pages isn't even then ask if an empty last page should be added (add, go to step 3) or still edit (exit) 3. put the last page together with the first on a higher format page in landscape/portrait (if page was A5/portrait the page = A4/landscape) 4. repeat 3 until page count = 0


2004-04-12 14:55

reporter   ~0001026

Is this still being worked on? This is the one thing I would need from Scribus - to move from Microsoft Publisher to Scribus on Linux.

Thanks for all your work on Scribus!


2004-04-12 15:00

administrator   ~0001027

We havent worked on this yet. After 1.2 is released.


2004-04-12 19:23

developer   ~0001030

Maybe take a look at
I think this could help as a temporary workaround, but didn't have time to test it...


2004-04-13 02:40

viewer   ~0001044

If CUPS support is compiled in, you can do this if via N-up printing in the CUPS options, when printing. I tested it tonight took 4 US letter pages, used N-up option and then printed in landscape mode.

What this does not do which a true booklet printer is automatically sort order of pages and adjust the margins between the center of two logical pages like an imposition application would do.


2004-08-26 08:25

developer   ~0002256

Just a note for more imposing (?) posibilities:
one could also arrange the pages not for an entire booklet but in a series of 4 ( or x*4 ) pages, so they all can be glued/sewed/whatever together.


2004-09-04 21:53

developer   ~0002286

Another hint for those who search for a solution (I mean a temporary one :)

Look at


2004-12-22 19:33

reporter   ~0003208

If you're doing this, I hope you'll include an 'adjust for creep' feature. Not in the cups N-up facility AFAIK.


2005-04-15 19:58

reporter   ~0004257

Last edited: 2005-04-15 20:01

I just want to add my voice to this. Of course, it's maybe not needed for professional usage, but it sure would be nice for home/maybe small office usage.

And I admit I would like to have all possibilities ;-) Like print impositions for binding booklike binding. And the opposite, resize the pages, so you can print 2 or for pages on one sheet (to save paper / handouts of overhead prints / etc.) (see related issue).

I don`t know, could it be possible to add this via the scripting interface?


2005-11-18 11:29

developer   ~0007476

De-assigned from me, ENOTIME && ENOPROZAC, sorry :/


2005-11-19 16:46

administrator   ~0007486

What about this idea for impositions:
we could use special masterpages which describe the imposition. Such a masterpage would consist of empty linked frames. When printing impositions, Scribus would fill those frames with the normal pages, using the link-order of the frames. When all frames of the imposition masterpage are filled, it is printed and printing resumes with a clean imposition page and the remaining normal pages. On the last imposition page some frames might be left blank.

For larger signatures one would need several imposition masterpages and link their frames across.
Eg. with four imposition master pages:

8 1 2 7 6 3 4 5

Since one could add other page items on the imposition masterpages (registers and stuff like that)
and the frames would be subject to scaling and rotation, this would be a very powerful and flexible mechanism.

One could then use Scripter to get more specialized functions:
* booklet printing would generate IMPs as above and fill in empty pages at the users discretion
* address labels would create an IMP according to label specs
* print shops could provide templates with their own IMPs
* true signature printing could create IMPs for sheets which are folded several times and take into account the slight rotation caused by this folding.

MrB, any chance to get the pageitem & print stuff into a shape where this would be implementable?


2005-11-22 08:00

reporter   ~0007509

I do think it's a very good idea to be able to "link" in a Scribus document such that it appears in a frame. As PageItem is starting to get saner (thanks cbradney!) now, this is looking more promising. It'd probably have to wait until PageItems can contain PageItems though (groups, tables) ... where upon external documents might not be that much of a stretch.

I expect it'd also be useful to be able to place a page from the same document into a frame.

Eventually it might be nice to be able to add a special page type for impositions, so a doc could contain the normal pages, plus one or more impositions, and the user could pick which they want to print / export.

Combine that with a plug-in or even a PyQt script to automatically generate some common booklet impositions, and we're all set for booklet printing. Being able to build that on support for pages-in-frames would make it a LOT easier, great idea.

What's even better is that the user could edit the generated imposition, or create their own, or (as you suggested) script it. When you consider that PyQt works just fine in Scribus 1.3, that has a LOT of potential.

Of course, it all hinges on support for pages in frames. I think both external ("linked") and internal (from the same document, possibly by importing a page an linking it or by using an existing page) support is important.


2005-11-22 15:39

reporter   ~0007510

I tried to write a script for duplicating and relocating a document on a larger page, but i failed because there is no copyObject() function in the Scripter API :-)
But if it is implemented or I find a workaround, i will continue my script :-)



2005-12-05 10:39

reporter   ~0007635

Some notes on imposition and various possible approaches; please extend as desired:


2006-03-16 09:56

manager   ~0009331

i've created a wiki page for the implementation of the imposition features for scribus:

please read it and comment it!



2006-09-28 22:54

reporter   ~0012691

Last edited: 2006-09-28 23:01

About impose.tar.gz, it's a try to allow Scribus users to make simple imposition in Scribus itself.
For now, it (is supposed to) support linked frames and master pages and all more simples things, but not linked frames IN master pages. It also gives you a chance to put margins and gaps ( vert. and hor.) in your imposed documents. A big problem is that you have to save and reopen your imposed document to make it work correctly. If you're not yet disgusted, you can install it uncompressing the archive in your plugin directory ( in CVS tree ) and add the impose directory in the CMakeLists.txt ( echo "ADD_SUBDIRECTORY(impose)" >> CMakeLists.txt) and build and install the plugin with cmake. He, you can access this plugin under Extra.

And more important, there is only signature size available (in4), but if you did all this work for install this plugin, you can go in ImposeIpmpl::init() and put whatever you need into it, or wait that I have time to do a better job.

And, it does NOT make booklets as psutils or multivalent can do, I mean a virtual imposition and folding and cutting.


2006-09-29 21:04

reporter   ~0012701

The new version of impose allow you to add new signatures with a simple text editor[1], and so even when Scribus is running :) But you always need to save and reopen the imposed doc to see the result.
587994d7f25c0ecdb89f83de422bdc63 impose-veryalpha-2.tar.gz

[1] impose.rc is in $PREFIX/share/scribus/plugins/ and is xml and is quite self explanatory (can i say that?)


2006-09-30 07:54

reporter   ~0012708

Because of problem uploading files, I put impose plugin archives at :


2007-12-21 18:09

developer   ~0018383

Last edited: 2007-12-21 18:11

Craig, I'm not sure, but since you've integrated the imposition plugin (Extras/Imposition) into 1.3.5cvs, couldn't this one be considered as resolved?


2007-12-21 19:24

administrator   ~0018384

The plug-in isn't finished, and the author has disappeared, leaving it behind in a non-functional state.


2007-12-21 20:05

developer   ~0018385

that's too bad. Is anybody working on it, since it hasn't been removed from the 1.3.5cvs? Did he leave any other documentation apart from this?


2007-12-21 22:26

reporter   ~0018386

After having tried to write such a plugin, gave up, wrote a quick tool to do the same with PDF. I’m more than convinced that methods described at wiki page about "printing booklet" are largely enough for home printing, but actual imposition beyonds Scribus’ scope, IMO.
I think all attempts to provide such a plugin should be redirected to a dedicated project like EasyPose or whatever will be at edge at this time.


2009-05-08 10:49

developer   ~0021698 has disappeared.


2009-05-13 03:37

reporter   ~0021717

FWIW, PoDoFo includes basic imposition support in the `podofoimpose' tool, and it'd be easy to add support for reading XML plan files that Scribus could generate.


2009-08-26 19:03

manager   ~0022434

i think that there is an agreement, that scribus should not do any imposition and that the efforts should be in creating a good imposition tool with podofo (podofoimpose).

eventually, scribus will be able to create xml plans which could be read by podofoimpose (personally, i'd prefere to outsource the whole imposition to external tools, even the creation of a plan; scribus may include an existing plan into the pdf created, but should not create it!)

i close this bug, and hope that we will have a solution soon!

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