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Summary0001116: Manual duplex helper
DescriptionOn desktop inkjet printers, typically, there is no duplex function. Duplex must be achieved by re-inserting the paper.

There are three ways to get this wrong, and one way to get it right.

This feature could show the user three pictures, an Epson-style top loader, a HP-style front-loader, and a laser-style tray loader. This would then be used to show the user how to reload the already printed section to ensure the rest printed correctly.

Alternatively, this could be set up with a test sheet. Print ABCD in the corners of pages, instruct the user to re-load with CD face up, towards the front of the printer, then print EFGH in the not-quite-corners, then pick what the result is.
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2004-09-18 20:04

reporter   ~0002415

Perhaps once the detection is complete, this could give the user a nice poster to print out and stick up by the printer so they don't forget?


2004-09-19 23:11

reporter   ~0002431

This can get pretty confusing quickly. Not every tray loading printer handles paper the same way. My HP LaserJet 5si has three input trays, and feeds paper in different ways depending on which tray and what paper size (Letter is fed sideways, while legal and tabloid go lengthwise). The outfeed is also important: some printers feed paper out face down, other face up, some can do both. If you want to duplex a 50 page document, this is something you want to know ahead of time, so you can print the even or odd pages first (instead of having to manually sort the pile).

This is a very simple method that will help a great deal to get to know your printer: just draw an arrow on a piece of paper and print a proof copy on it. That'll what side your printer prints on, and from which direction it feeds.

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