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PlatformAsus phenom9550 quad core 4GbOSWindows 7 professional OS VersionSP1
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Summary0011139: Large documents get corrupted
DescriptionI have been creating a report on a vacation lasting 25 days, and inserting many pictures into the document. The first problem was that occasionally a picture with associated caption and box round it would disappear. As the document got bigger (about 7/8 pages) then the cursor started jumping around the screen and pictures again disappeared, then elements started resizing and the whole thing became unstable.
Steps To ReproduceAt this stage I had created 8 pages and imported text from several text files and inserted about 30 pictures each in a rectangular box and with a caption (gruoping the three item for each picture.
Additional InformationThe attached file has lost some pictures and when I open it I cannot do anything with it due to the cursor randomly moving about.
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duplicate of 0004520 assignedjghali Crash while placing multiple large JPEG images 
has duplicate 0011633 closedjghali Images are blank 
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2012-10-29 13:13


Diary01.sla (236,003 bytes)


2012-10-30 08:49

manager   ~0029132

the document, without the images, works perfectly.

by only having the .sla, it's hard to judge how it behaves on your computer with all your images...


2012-11-06 23:53

administrator   ~0029165

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The described behavior is typical of "ouf ot memory" errors.

To avoid memory related issues, we always recommend :
- to avoid using unnecessarily large images : a 100Mb image on a A4 pages is already too large, 30Mb is quite sufficient. And remember we always reason in term of uncompressed data : a 5Mb jpg file can translate to 100Mb of data once uncompressed.
- to split a document into multiple documents if it has lots of images, long text chains, or lots of pages

To split you document, two solutions :
- move temporarily images to another folder, so you can open your document without loading images. Then split your document and move back images to their original place afterwards
- open you document in a text editor and split it by removing the necessary <PAGE>...</PAGE> lines.

Closing is this is a duplicate of already known issue (0004520).

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