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0011141ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2012-11-01 13:50
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PlatformlinuxOSUbuntuOS Version12.10
Product Version1.4.1 
Summary0011141: Text distance not working when text frame is under object
DescriptionText distance is not applying when under object. Text distance should be kept on each line to the edge of the object. At least worked this way before.
Steps To ReproduceCreate text frame a sample text inside.
Create box and enable edge frame. Put the box on the left side of the text frame.
Increase text distance on the left.
Picture is clearer
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2012-10-30 21:56


Selección_001.png (55,025 bytes)   
Selección_001.png (55,025 bytes)   


2012-10-31 07:35

manager   ~0029133

in some cases, what you want is also what scribus should do.

question: is there any case, where the current behavior makes sense?


2012-10-31 08:24

administrator   ~0029135

That feature has always been intended to set minimum distance from text to the text frame itself, not to any other object. The behaviour found in 1.3.3.x was buggy in that respect. The proper way to make text flow around a specific object has always been to enable flow around that specific object and optionally to edit the contour line.

ale, fyi the behavior was changed by cezaryece.


2012-11-01 13:50

reporter   ~0029140

I didn't know that.
Maybe text distance must be to text frame only (no really agree with this), but in that case, there should be a way to additionally set distance to objects. Most applications have a way of doing this, using a fixed to-bottom-right-left distances. At least for me, editing the contour line is a work around in some cases, but not an option for everyday editing.....

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