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0011235ScribusGeneralpublic2024-01-10 06:37
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Product Version1.4.1 
Summary0011235: Master page side bad applied
DescriptionDuring a workshop it appears that people running scribus 1.4.1 on windows (mainly Vista) had right master page also applied on the left page. This happen not only in single page doc but also in double sided. Strangley it doesn't seem very consistent as a bug for the MP is not always applied on all the page but only some. COuldn't find more.
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related to 0008356 new Left/Right masterpages are misplaced after page insert 
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2012-12-06 08:19

manager   ~0029331

Last edited: 2024-01-10 06:37

i think that the "bug" is much deeper...

... and the solution goes probably through a change in the way master pages are displayed and created...

probably, it should not be possible to create one left master page: one should create a master page for a double page.

in the edit master pages view one should not be able to see a left or right page... only the double pages together.

this has already been requested, and should probably be the only way master pages are viewed...

there are several question that are open (what happens when the layout is changed from double to single? should it be possible to change the layout after the document has been created? after a master page has been edited? if it is possible, what happens? with the existing MP?)...

ps.: the picture is taken from the book we did two years ago with scribus...


2012-12-06 15:06


collabook.png (98,826 bytes)   
collabook.png (98,826 bytes)   


2014-06-23 19:11

developer   ~0032264

can you upload a faulty SLA ?


2014-06-24 05:01


r_on_l.sla (17,445 bytes)


2014-06-24 09:18

developer   ~0032272

So its the normal behaviour of scribus.

There is allready a warning in the preflight checker, but none when deleting or adding some pages that mess the MP arrangement.

When deleting some page-s or adding some page-s, scribus could check and when required issue a warning :
"warning : adding-deleting this-these page-s will mess the MP arrangement and lead to incorrect L MP being applied on R page or R MP being applied on L Page"


2014-06-24 11:07

developer   ~0032275

On a 2 facing page layout, a smarter behaviour for the deletion/add of a single page (or uneven # of page) might trigger an optional "Do you want to keep or switch masterpages" ?
But that requires scribus to know which is the right MP for such left MP and which is the left MP or such right MP, which means pairing the MPs.
Pairing could be done through data structure /or/ through some naming convention (like : "mymp_right" or "mymp_R" faces "mymp_left" or "mymp_L")

Some similar arrangement could be found for 3 or 4 folds-layouts


2014-06-24 13:30

developer   ~0032277


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